React Mobile! SAFETY Done RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you heard of React Mobile??  I hadn’t until I was offered the opportunity to review this app. I have to say I’m impressed. This is an amazing safety app!! You read that correctly, this is a personal SAFETY app for your phone!! On top of that, this is a free app for Android and iPhone’s. React Mobile is a boost in your personal safety, how? React Mobile turns your phone into, well, a lifeline. Not only can React Mobile send out an SOS to the people you put in you lifelines, but, will also send them your GPS location as well. With a touch of a button you can even connect with 9-1-1!  There are so many perks with this app, I can’t believe it’s free!!!

This should be on EVERY lone runner or walker’s phone. ESPECIALLY since it gets dark so early!!  This is THE app for anytime you are worried about your safety. Witness a crime? One button gets you in contact with the authorities.

Worried about your family?? You can check the “Follow Me” feature to see exactly where they are, IN REAL TIME!!! With just a touch of a button. I love it because when Alice and I are out and about, my daughter, and everyone on my selected contacts know where I am. In real time!! LOVE THAT!!! How about when your family is headed home, with React Mobile they simply touch the “I’m Safe” button and all their contacts get the message. I still worry about my grown kids going across town to their homes! Must be a Mom thing. I can’t help it!! I worry!! Now, I know they are home safe and sound. Peace of mind! FOR FREE!!

The best personal safety app ever!!

React Mobile is the brain child of Robb Monkman, after being a hostage victim while in college. React Mobile can be used silently and discreetly while alerting authorities and personal contacts.

With the touch of a button you control who gets contacted if you ever are in a situation in which you need outside help. You have the option to text or email messages sent to those contacts, whether it’s family, friends, or local law enforcement. You also have an option for the message to be posted to your  Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once the messages are sent, the app will prompt you to dial 911, or whichever number corresponds to appropriate emergency authority depending on your location (i.e. dial 112 not 911 if you are in the UK). React Mobile also has a “Follow Me” feature, which provides information as to your wear a-bouts in real-time as well as your intended destination. You simply touch the “I’m Safe” button to let them know you have arrived at your destination safe and sound.

Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation where I would have needed React Mobile, BUT, I truly feel safer knowing it’s there for me. I would so much rather have it and NOT need it, than NEED it and not have it.

React Mobile has so many ways to help! Heart patients, asthma suffers, the possibilities for helpfulness are immense.  Safety should be a top priority no matter who you are!! I’m really impressed and thankful I have React Mobile on my phone and I think it’s definitely a keeper!! Easy to use. Free. Peace of mind. LOVE it!!

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  • Sarah L

    Looks like a useful app. But first I’d have to get a smart phone. (behind the curve, I know, but monthly charges are more than I can afford) I pay $10 month for my phone usage.

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