Reasons why people pursue personal injury claims

Slipped and fallen in a public place? Bitten by a dog? Has your doctor caused you pain and suffering? There are hundreds of different kinds of personal injury cases out there. All with one thing in common – it wasn’t the victims’ fault.

Sadly, thousands of potentially lucrative personal injury cases go unpersuaded each year. Often the victim doesn’t think that they’ll win, or they don’t have enough evidence to prove that they weren’t at fault. Or they could even be too sick, traumatized or frightened to take legal action – this is often the case when someone is injured at work. 

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What many victims fail to realize, is that a simple consultation with a personal injury lawyer could put their mind at ease and give them the information they can use to figure out their next steps – see this Fairfax PI lawyer to find out more information.

Here we’ll look at why people pursue personal injury claims. 

The coverage of your medical bills

Hospital visits, consultations, medications, treatments, operations, recovery. When you need to recover from your injuries, the medical bills soon add up. This is the primary reason victims pursue a personal injury case. As their medical bills are covered by the settlement.
An experienced personal injury attorney is well-equipped to seek maximum coverage for your medical bills, whether through negotiation with the parties involved or by filing a personal injury lawsuit in court. They understand that trying to secure maximum coverage for medical bills can be an overwhelming and complicated process, which is why having an informed personal injury attorney is essential for success.

The same is true if you were in an automobile accident.  Car accident lawyers can help with your personal injury case, just take that first step and call.

Recover loss of earnings

An accident that wasn’t your fault needs a specialist attorney, and if you have a family to support, or you’re out on your own, you’re going to struggle to make ends meet if you can no longer work due to your injuries. In some cases, the victim may never work again. Therefore a personal injury lawyer should try to ensure that any loss – or future loss – of earnings is covered by your settlement. Giving you and your family security. 

Future medical treatment and care

In some medical or birth injury cases, the plaintiff or the child in question may need ongoing medical treatment and a high level of care for the rest of their lives. The compensation from winning a personal injury case would also cover this, ensuring that the victim has a high quality of life indefinitely. 

Pain and suffering

Being in an accident is incredibly traumatising – you’ll also miss out on the things you love and being able to enjoy life to the full. These kinds of damages can also be accounted for during a personal injury case.


By pursuing a personal injury claim, you’re ensuring that the responsible party will take the steps required to ensure that this won’t happen to anyone else. From a trucking accident that requires the expertise of an everett truck accident lawyer, to a poorly managed building where you slipped and fell. Preventing future accidents is another good reason to pursue your case.


  • heather

    Great information in this post thanks for sharing these tips. Injury is such an awful thing and it nice to know where you stand.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I slipped on a cabbage leaf in a supermarket years ago. Thought nothing of it at the time but later was laid up with a wrenched elbow & nerve damage. No-one sued in those days but the floor should have been swept.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I like the idea of it forcing people to correct the issues that might’ve lead to injury. But it’s sad that it takes a lawsuit to get people to do that.

  • Rosie

    It is good people can recover for losses. Sometimes it can be complicated, our complex is being sued for a slip-and-fall. An elderly lady fell on the outside stairs at 7:00 am in an ice storm. What she was doing going out that early in an ice storm nobody knows. Our landscaper is also being sued, and they never added our complex to their insurance policy. What is weird is this elderly lady doesn’t drive, and she walks faster than people in their 40s, I see her almost every day. If she wins, our insurance should be paying, but it will be interesting, as there are exceptions for people who show know responsibility while it is still storming.

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