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Did you know that Reviva Labs is a 45-year-old natural skincare brand? Talk about being able to stand the test of time with their effective Anti-Aging Products.

Not only do the products have ingredients that are proven to combat fine lines and wrinkles but also help skin to look and feel more youthful.

I’ve been using Reviva Labs Anti-Aging Treatment regimen for the last 2 months. I have to say my skin feels GREAT!!

Reviva Lab line

So? What’s in the bundle? (The bundle that’s on SALE right now too!!) First up a glycolic acid cleanser and toner. I use the cleanser twice a day.

This cleanser removes ALL my makeup, and it also provides mild exfoliation while it cleanses. But, it DOESN’T sting or burn. This cleanser also removes my mascara easily. (Can I get a HORRAH!) Next up I use the glycolic acid toner. Again, no stinging, no burning. This gives my skin the perfect PH balance. This step gets rid of any remaining makeup. Which I have to admit is very little if any!

These first two steps get my skin ready for the serum and creams.

This entire bundle is perfect for aging skin, sun-damaged mature skin (hello former sun worshiper here!) It’s also great for oily or blemished skin. I really believe that each and every step is important.

After I wash and tone my skin I follow with the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum.

“Revolutionary” Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum helps combat skin aging. This advanced formulation also features select organic botanicals that provide additional texturizing and anti-aging benefits. All skin types can improve from the properties of the Swiss Apple stem cells. But mature skin, whose cells have been most affected by normal aging, sun and pollution damage, will benefit most.

What I’ve learned is that the Swiss apple stem cells revives your own skins dormant stem cells. What does that mean? It means that this serum helps bring new life and energy to the epidermis. Bottom line? My skin has a rosy glow.

Recharging epidermal cells with our stem cell serum makes skin more responsive to the day or night cream applied over our serum. Overall results are accelerated and remarkably improved.

Swiss research showed a major decrease in appearance of lines and wrinkles in 30 days. The study with volunteers aged 37 to 64 determined a significant decrease in crows feet wrinkle depth for 100% of the participants.

I’m 60 and I will attest to that fact! My ‘elevens’ are significantly better and less defined.

Next step is the creme. For daytime I use Antioxidant Skin Smoothing Advanced Day Créme. This has Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins C & E, Green & Black Tea Extracts, and Skin-Smoothing Oils. I have to admit that the first time I tried this my first thought was “Oh no! my makeup will never last with this as a base” I was wrong. This is awesome day creme. My makeup DOES last all day! My makeup goes on smoothly! My makeup even looks better than it does if I use a primer!

This day cream also has SPF!!!

At night? Oh hello my friend Collagen Revitalizing Créme. This one helps to tighten my skin. The special peptides smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Marine/botanical extracts, coconut, and rich oils. This one is so soothing. Absorbs quickly and completely.

Reviva Labs creates safe, effective natural skin care treatments that produce visible results. It’s why skin care enthusiasts have fallen in love with our skin care over the last 45 years and why Reviva has become the natural skin care trusted for generations. Cruelty free and without harmful ingredients, our products combine the best of nature and science – from brightening and hydrating to anti-aging and revitalizing – and everything in between – Reviva has it covered.

Okay, as much as I hate having my picture taken I did before and after’s. See how much I love my followers!

before picture Before

After picture

After picture


Anything that brings out youthful glow, smoother skin and less defined lines can’t possibly deserve any whines. I’ve been using this bundle for 2 months and I’m still seeing benefits of better looking and feeling skin every. single. day!


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