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Today was my weekly phone call with Tyler at Well Strong Fitness. Tyler said he is going to leave my exercise routine alone. Since I lost 2 pounds for the week. Ya know for the total of TWENTY pounds…. (Sorry, I just really REALLY like that number!) Tyler does want to shake things up in the diet area from now on no more fruit at night. I have to change things up a little, confuse my body to keep promoting weight loss in the home stretch. So no fruit at night, veggies and salads good or even some grilled chicken. The reason behind no fruit at night is vegetables don’t cause the insulin storage that fruit does. So I should be able to burn more calories. (I can have fruit during the day though). But right now?? Right now I want something salty! Potato chips. Ohhhh potato chips and french onion dip! So??? Which one’a ya’ll will deliver? Please??

I also have to brag a little here my son Zachary’s friend, Jeff Diamond has released a new cd 30 Trips around the Sun . My favorite song is “In The Shadows Beyond The Light”. Jeff is really talented!!! And not to be all cougar like here….l but the album cover shows just how cute Jeff is too. (NOW I know you really want to go look don’tcha???)

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