Week 17

Here is my weekly blah blah YEEEE HAAAAblah blah post. (I’m all about the subtle!!) I am down 2 pounds!! That make TWENTY pounds GONE!! 20!!! I only have ten pounds to go!! Okay, here is the rest of my weekly report, I walked every morning with Kaki, wearing my weighted vest. (A little faster pace and just a little further too) The vest weighs in at 30 pounds now. I did my ab crunches 3 days. I tried to really limit my carbs. I hardly ate any candy either(It’s Halloween time! I don’t stand a CHANCE!!!) I would have said I didn’t have ANY candy but I’m sure Barbara or Gretchen would rat me out over those stupid York Peppermint Patties… but I only had 4 or maybe 8, I kinda lost track) Lunch consisted of either a Healthy Choice or a Lean Cuisine frozen meal. Dinner was a lot of fruit and vegetables and sometimes a grilled chicken breast. I’m still addicted to the frozen Yoplait Whips for dessert. Being good was really worth it. I wore a skirt today I haven’t been able to fit into before. (Not to mention the 2 POUND loss!! Wooooo hooooo!!)

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