Ring ring…

Today was my weekly phone call with Tyler at WellStrong Fitness. Tyler is really pleased with my progress. (Helllllo! ME TOO!!!! I’m 23.5 pounds lighter! Okay, you know I have to add a YEA ME!!! There… I feel better. I mean really? A whole blog entry and no YEA ME?!?! Really?!?!) Tyler said I get to continue with what I’m doing now. Weighted vest, no fruit at night. Lean meats and lots of salads. I told Tyler that I bought a weighted Jump-rope, he was pleased with that. I am to start out with just 5 minutes of jumping and only 3 days. (WHEW!!! MAN!! Can you imagine if he wanted more time and more days!? You should be thankful too…. you would have had more of me complaining and whining.) Course…. I haven’t picked a day to start jumping yet. I’ll let you know how that goes

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