RokLienz Rok OUT!! App

I have the cutest app to share with you today. RokLienz Rok Out. Alice has so much fun!!

When you bring up this app, you choose the stage that the RokLienz play on. There are 4 band members available on the free app. You can buy more band members for .99¢ or all 4 for $2.99.
You choose from four different songs. Then dress up your RokLienz! Eyeglasses, barrettes, instruments, crowns, SO many fun items to accesorize your RokLienz members with. 
Once your RokLienz takes the stage you touch each member and hear their solo, then get ’em ALL going. Once the RokLienz start playing you can record your song. Yes, Alice has made sure she saved every sinlge masterpiece for me!! NaNa has a plenty of songs saved on her iPad! 
You can read the bio of each of the members, with so many fun facts about each, here are a couple of my favorites. 
Yuppi is the singer, she owns 3 kittens. 
Fizz plays her JigGog Bass 
Runkle Rux plays the Hyper Guitar he’s from the planet Futonia 
Runkle loves Popcorn.
Bleat plays the drums and likes to visit the post office on Sundays. 
Alice loves this APP!!  I really think your kids will enjoy this too!! Be sure to check out the head bop on this kid!

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