Blair Candy!

Easter is comin’ up quick, less than 3 weeks!! Yup, Sunday March 31st, so it’s time to get all those Easter Baskets ready!!

I don’t do a normal Easter Basket, to me that basket is a waste of money. Instead, I buy something that the kids can play with or use, instead of an actual basket. For instance, a beach bucket, big bucket hat, lunch box, backpack, I’ve even used t-shirts. I want something useful, but can also hold the goodies.

I still add all the goodies, a book, a toy, some plastic eggs filled with goodies. I like sidewalk chalk, bubbles and hair goodies for the girls, a little matchbox for Eli, but, really? The Easter Basket has to have some candy!! I found the perfect place to grab some nostalgic candy. This site has it all!!  Boston beans, Big Hunks, pop rocks and RAZZLES!! Do you remember Chocolate Shoe String Licorice? I found this site while I was looking to get candy at bulk prices. I’ve had so much fun on this site! It’s also made my sweet tooth go nuts!!  I like that you can search this site by brand, price and even by holiday and even by COLOR!!

Will you be putting together Easter Baskets this year?  What’s going in yours?  I’m always looking for something new!! My followers always have the BEST idea’s!!

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