Stand -Up Meeting; New Way Of Productivity

A stand-up meeting is a short, informal meeting where employees give each other standing updates. Hours-long meetings where you have to listen intently about the latest scores of Tony Bet from your boss while sitting the entire time, as well as the rest of the day are not only mentally challenging, but also unhealthy.

Sitting for long periods of time not only promotes back pain, but also high blood pressure and diabetes. For this reason, it also recommended having small standing breaks and meetings in which all participants stand.

But there are more reasons. Short, standing, well-planned and structured meetings are essential for a good working atmosphere and the motivation of employees. Unnecessarily long meetings, on the other hand, have the opposite effect: they primarily trigger frustration and listlessness.

Stand-up meeting

Stand-up meetings should therefore be as short as possible and held at short intervals. The daily stand-up meeting, i.e. a short meeting every day, has proved particularly effective.


A short daily stand-up meeting can increase motivation in college. For this, it should be no longer than 15 minutes and take place every day at a fixed time. The advantage over an hour-long meeting every two weeks: Employees can better integrate the stand-up meeting into their daily routine and are not completely taken out of their workflow for a longer period of time.

Since employees can also give each other brief updates on progress and obstacles every day, everyone is always informed about the development of a project and can help each other or voice objections at an early stage.

In addition, a regular stand-up meeting increases transparency and interpersonal bonds among employees. Teamwork is also strengthened. A stand-up meeting can also take place digitally.


The stand-up meeting should ideally take place daily at a fixed time that suits all employees. In addition, no more than about six people should be present at a meeting. After all, everyone should have the opportunity to speak in the short time available. If more employees are present, they can divide into smaller groups. The groups should mix regularly so that everyone can interact with each other.

To keep a stand-up meeting as short and concise as possible, the college should establish a set agenda by which to hold the meeting. This could look like this, for example:

First, each employee has the opportunity to say what is going particularly well. By the way, this does not necessarily have to relate to work. Small anecdotes from everyday life lighten the atmosphere and strengthen the interpersonal bond.

Then each person tells what he or she is currently working on.

Afterwards, colleagues who are currently struggling with problems and obstacles can have their say.

This is followed by an open discussion about possible solutions.

If the problems cannot be solved quickly, the group can first write down or visualize the problems and proposed solutions. It can then either delegate them to another team or raise them in the weekly longer meeting.


  • heather

    I had not heard of this type of meeting until I read your post sounds interesting. Not for me though as I can’t stand for short or long periods of time.

  • Tamra Phelps

    It wouldn’t be for me because I can’t stand for very long –not even for a short meeting, lol. Seriously, though, the concept is a good one and I’m sure whether you can stand or must sit doesn’t really matter.

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