Christmas Gifts For Men

It is not always easy to find the right gift. This is often true with fathers, brothers, male friends or partners. We show you meaningful gifts for men that are also sustainable. Or you can give them Vave login.

1) Shakti-Mat: Give the gift of relaxation

The ShaktiMat Light for beginners

If you find it hard to relax in everyday life, a ShaktiMat might help. For centuries, the practice of nailbeds has been known in India and is used by fakirs, among others. In a modified form, the spiky pads are also becoming more popular in our latitudes, mainly because they promise relaxation and are supposed to promote well-being.

Don’t worry, the Shaktimat has no nails compared to the traditional model, but hygienic prongs made of plastic. Depending on whether you are a beginner:in or already a professional with the Shaktimat, a model with fewer or with more tips is recommended. The fewer, the easier it is to get used to the mat in the beginning. And the sooner relaxation sets in.

2) Christmas gifts for men: Veja sneakers

Veja shoes are made from natural rubber, vegetable-tanned leather and organic cotton (from Brazil) fairly and socially produced in Brazil. Veja pays a fair price to the workers:inside. So you can give Veja sneakers for Christmas with a clear conscience.

3) Christmas gift: Fairphone 4

The Fairphone 4 is the more sustainable alternative to well-known smartphone brands.

Inhumane labor in Asian factories, bloody conflicts in Africa – other people pay the price for our phones. The Fairphone wants to put an end to this: It is built by a Dutch initiative that shows Apple, Samsung & Co. that smartphones can also be manufactured fairly and sustainably and still be offered at a lower price.

The current Fairphone 4 is a solid smartphone with an Android operating system that can be easily repaired thanks to its modular design.

Christmas gifts for men

4) Practical Christmas gift idea: Vegan oilcloths from Vaxtuch

Vegan oilcloths from Vaxtuch

A cool Christmas gift idea is Vaxtuch, a plastic-free film for food – and also a sustainable alternative to plastic and aluminum foil. Vegan wax cloths are made of carnauba wax, candelilla wax, sunflower wax, soy wax and coconut oil, for example. At Vaxtuch, the cloths are available in packs of three different sizes.

5) Gift idea: Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer by Dr. Hauschka

Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer

Care products you buy best in natural cosmetics quality.

This body milk from Dr. Hauschka contains lemongrass, essential lemon oil, jojoba oil and olive oil – especially in winter, the dry skin of your loved ones will be happy about this benefit. Nice gift idea (also for yourself). You can find more recommended body lotions in our list The best organic body lotion.

6) Christmas gifts (not only) for men: mini repair kit

iFixit set

With the right tools, even laymen can partly repair devices like smartphones. A gift (not just for men) that will pay for itself the very next time you crack your display.

The Essential Electronics Toolkit from iFixit is a small but powerful tool set that will allow the recipient to repair their smartphone, tablet or console themselves in the future – the necessary instructions are available for free on iFixit. The set contains, among other things, an opening tool, picks, spatula, suction cup and tweezers.

7) Fair Christmas gift: Fairtrade soccer

Fairtrade products soccer ball

Even with soccer balls, you should make sure that they are produced fairly and as sustainably as possible. Is the person you want to give a present to a little (or big) soccer player?

With a fairly produced soccer ball under the Christmas tree, you can be sure that no children were involved in the production process and that everything else is above board. We recommend balls from Gepa, which are sewn by hand in Pakistan.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I like the idea behind the Fairphone. That’s a great gift any time. The shakti mat reminds me of the shoes I had years ago –remember the slides that had the little rubber/plastic things all over the insoles? It was supposed to help your feet but I never got used to it, lol. Maybe I just have sensitive feet?

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