Thank you to The Little Peanut Team!!

Okay, 2 HOURS with GoDaddy and I THINK the newest DENIED error code has been squished.

At least I hope so. Everyone cross your fingers.  A couple of you could cross your toes too for a little extra good luck.

Tomorrow will be snowy and 19° Yes, you read that correctly. NINETEEN DEGREES!! 3 floors of new patio doors in the snow.  Do I know how to live or WHAT?!?!

Have an amazing day!!



  • Shannon Victoria Holmes

    This weather is crazy lately! I am in Virginia and we always say if you don’t like the weather wait and it can and will change with hours.

  • heather

    Ahhh…. it sounds like I wasn’t the only one having trouble commenting yesterday. I have my fingers and toes crossed that when I hit the comment button in about two seconds my comment will post today. Thank you for the update.

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