Rosa Red Applicator Makeup Blender Sponge Review

This little makeup sponge from JGOB will change the way you put on your makeup.  This is a very precise makeup sponge that not only absorbs less product so you waste a lot less foundation but it helps glide your makeup on so nicely.

The tear shape sponge helps you apply makeup in the crevices easily like around your eyes and nose. This sponge is super soft and seriously glides around your face.

I always use a brush or a sponge to apply my makeup. THIS sponge is by far the BEST I’ve used EVER!! When I apply my makeup I use the back of my hand as my makeup tray. This sponge doesn’t absorb the makeup like my old sponge so I’ve been able to squeeze much less product on the back of my hand. I LOVE that!!

The JGOB sponge is so soft and so easy to hold and use that it’s easy to use every part of it. You can truly blend your makeup into your face for a truly natural look!

Cleaning this makeup sponge is super easy. First get the sponge wet, use your regular facial cleanser and squeeze to get it nice and soapy. Then rinse in warm water until the soap is gone.  Gently squeeze the JGOB sponge until no more water comes out. Lay your sponge on a dry towel to air-dry.

BIG Bonus!! This sponge comes in its own sturdy plastic travel/storage carrying case. I like to keep my sponge in it’s case and away from my other makeup. That’s a great bonus!!


Nope, not a single one! This sponge is the PERFECT makeup sponge. My makeup goes on smoothly; I use less makeup. Add to that it comes in its own carrying case! It’s a perfect sponge!! The JGOB has a huge selection of colors too! From Black to Orange; Purple to Tan and just about every color in between!



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