Rosehip Oil for Glowing Skin!

Y’all know me, I love beauty products! I love being able to try new products, or products that have been around forever, but for some reason have eluded me! For instance, Organic Rosehip Oil, have you heard of this one? It’s been around for generations and yet, I hadn’t heard of it before. So, thanks to one of my favorite companies InstaNatural I can now tell you about this magic, beauty elixir. The ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans all used Rosehip Oil because of it’s healing properties. WOW! How had I not heard of this?!?

Rosehip Oil is harvested from the seeds of rose bushes predominately grown in Chile. Rosehip seed oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines. Between those awesome benefits and the fact that Victoria Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr said that the secret to her radiant complexion was due to Rosehip Oil. I was giddy to get started!!


It’s recommended that you do a patch test before you use it, to be sure you don’t have any reaction, like redness or bumps. I had no adverse reactions at all.

A little goes a LONG way!!  Thanks to the pump bottle, it’s easy to dispense the 2 or 3 drops needed to do your face.  Pump just a few drops of certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil on your fingertips and apply to your face and neck. Gently massage the Rosehip oil until it’s completely absorbed. Once Rosehip Seed Oil is massaged in it’s not greasy! It’s actually super light, smooth and NOT greasy in the least.  I found that it absorbs into my skin quickly.

Because it is so light, I add it to my moisturizer at night and my sunscreen in the morning.  I’m thoroughly pleased.

RosehipOil1There are actually so many uses for Rosehip Oil, from adding it to your hair conditioner for dry scalp! One of my favorite’s; cuticles! My cuticles are the worst, they are so dry I chew on them! WHICH makes them WORSE! So, I bite them more, it’s a never ending battle. Between the Rosehip Oil softening my cuticles, making my hands look great, but it also tastes bad!! Which means I’m not chewing on them! It’s a win win!!

It’s an awesome acne treatment, but DO A PATCH TEST FIRST! You don’t want to make the condition worse!

Fantastic anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil, not to mention it helps to decrease environmental damage and soothe the skin. Rosehip Oil has skin rejuvenating properties like vitamin C and lycopene which repair the skin’s surface and restores elasticity!!

To extend the life of your bottle of Rosehip Oil keep your bottle refrigerated and away from light.

You can use Rosehip Oil all over, not just your face, neck but all over your body.


I want to note, that Pure Rosehip Oil does not carry any rose fragrance, which surprised me, but the oil is extracted from the seeds or fruits and not from the petals which contain the aromatic molecules. Unrefined Rosehip Oil (Purest Rosehip Oil, with nothing taken away) should always have a very characteristic smell, having a sort of warm and earthy tone, pleasant or unpleasant depending on your taste. There should also be some fishiness to the scent, as is the case due to the high contents of omega fatty acids. This scent dissipates after a few minutes. Of course if you still find the scent too strong, feel free to mix the rosehip oil with a lotion or moisturizer to improve the smell while retaining the many benefits of the oil. The scent goes away in minutes, but I also want to mention it’s NOT an over powering scent, but really it goes away quickly.

Even though I don’t have the complexion of Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr, I feel InstaNaturals Rosehip Oil gives my skin a healthy glow!!

They really should rename this oil beauty in a bottle!! Another bonus, is the size of this bottle! 4 OUNCES!! Since a little bit goes a long way, this bottle will last for a very long time!!

Fantastic size, awesome price!! I will ALWAYS have this in my beauty arsenal!

Two thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP for InstaNaturals anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant Rosehip Oil, which helps to decrease environmental damage and soothe the skin. Good BYE wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines!!  Hello healthy GLOW!!

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