Zim’s Advanced Cold Sore Treatment Review!

I’m getting so antsy for the Hawaii vacation that’s coming up on October 4th. A girls only vacation. I can’t wait!! I’ve started to pack already!! I can’t wait to be sitting on the beach, feet in the sand, book in one hand and a fancy drink with little umbrella in the other. Ahhhhhh so relaxing, I started visualizing and almost forgot I was writing a blog post.

I know it’s early, but I have already started packing, swimsuits, sunscreen LOTS of sunscreen! I will NOT be the vacationer locked in her room because she got fried on the first day! As soon I get too much sun I get a cold sore. Yup, too much sun and BAMB this girl has a cold sore the size of Texas! Baby, NOT on this vacation, I guarantee it!!! I’ve already packed my Zim’s Advanced Cold Sore Treatment. This powerful duo is amazing!! Zim’s Advanced Cold Sore treatment delivers a 1-2 punch to help fight against cold sores with two parts. First is the ointment used to treat and address the symptoms of cold sore. Next is a stick to prevent, dry cracked lips. Together they are POWERFUL!!

I’m a huge fan of Zim’s Products, from the Advanced Organic Crack Creme, which IS in the suitcase too! Right along side my can of Zim’s Max-Freeze! Both are amazing products. But, Advanced Cold Sore Treatment might just be my FAVORITE yet!!

Starting with Zim’s Advanced Cold Sore ointment, which you use at the first sign of a symptom. Apply to the tingling or stinging lip and the petrolatum will provide a barrier which should soften and lock in moisture all over the surface of your lips. The ointment comes in a 2g tube. I promise you, it WORKS!!!! I had the start of a cold sore last week. I used Zim’s two days in a row. ZIM’S left NOTHING BUT SOFT LIPS!!!

After that, maintain!! Use Zim’s Advanced Cold Sore stick daily, to protect lips and maintain moisture,. This stick will keep the lips healthy. The lip balm comes in a 3g stick.

The two products contain the patented Propolis ACF® that act as a preservative. Propolis is a substance collected by the honeybee from the leaf buds and cracks in the bark of various plants in a defined region rich with poplar trees. Bees use Propolis as a protectant for their hive. This formula has been used in traditional medicine for over 2,000 years.

Did you know that cold sores are a medical condition that affects approximately 80% of adolescents in the United States? That’s according to Cold Sore Facts site. Of that percentage, the average person gets 2 to 3 cold sores per year. You can count me in on that percentage…. although not the adolescents part.

Right now you can only buy this duo on line. This fall you’ll be able to find it at select retailers.


Zim’s Advanced cold sore ointment and lip balm are sold together for .99 and worth every SINGLE PENNY!!


Not a single one!! Even the package is easy to open! No broken nails with this packing! LOVE that!!! Two thumbs enthusiastically up! WAY, WAY, WAY UP for Zim’s!!

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What about you?  Are you cold sore prone?

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