Saving Money In Your Internet Of Things Plan

The secret to the growth of small businesses is the internet of things. This concept has grown exponentially in the past few years. It allows small business owners to work on their own or hire the least amount of people they can possibly manage. With so many devices connected together, every part of your business can communicate seamlessly. Once you have the components in place, the internet of things allows for your business to be run remotely. It’s also a fantastic way to save money as you need fewer physical aspects of your business with regard to the daily tasks that need to be done. Here’s how you could save money in your IoT plan for your business.

Limiting real-world marketing

Real-world marketing is still important, but it’s no longer an area in which you need to spend vast amounts of money. People are buried in their phones, looking down at a screen more than they are looking at billboards, bus adverts, posters or banners. You don’t need to hire a marketing team that goes out to meet people on the street, either. Giving out fliers every now and then is okay, just to show consumers that you haven’t turned into a solely online business. However, you should be spending money on online marketing of a similar nature. PPC ads and banner images are the new bread and butter for any business. They both offer cost-effective marketing power and they’re relatively cheap to produce. Mobile-friendly marketing campaigns, such as emails are the most effective ways to promote your business through virtual fliers. 

Where does the data go?

Building the network for your IoT needs is challenging, but so is storing the data you receive. You might have a masterplan for how you’re going to connect different devices and have your presence as a business on different platforms, but without the capacity to store your big data, you cannot expand. Colocation is, therefore, something you need to consider as many small businesses will not have the funds to host and or maintain their own big data storage hardware. The hosting and colocation business is now dominated by Amazon, which should come as no surprise. As it’s the largest business in the world, it has expertise in big data storage, protection, and maintenance. It has almost half the global market share, standing at 47%. The next best thing is Azure from Microsoft which is at 22% of market share. Hiring Amazon for your big data needs could save you a lot of money as they offer the most competitive pricing plans.

Halleluya for manufacturing

Manufacturing is incredibly complex and has perhaps the most amount of stages for one task to be completed than any other sector. Companies need to track their suppliers, quality control, materials shortages, competitive pricing patterns and so much more. Everything must be connected via the IoT as there are lots of different devices and software used for different things. However, using one framework such as Hadoop will allow you to centralize everything.

The internet of things is vast and complicated, but every business must learn how to manage big data. Large frameworks that can host different software are needed for particular types of businesses with large networks. 


  • Tamra Phelps

    How much you can do from your phone (or your watch, lol) blows my mind. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I would be more at home in colonial times because I feel like I’m living in the future.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m so glad that Dad was around for the beginnings of the internet. From his first work computer, which was a glorified typewriter/filing cabinet to his weekly skype meetings with his sisters in the UK, to his genealogy of our Sarsfield family, he loved it!

  • Tamra Phelps

    It is a pretty neat concept. When you consider that just 35 years ago no one even dreamed of having a personal computer but now you can pretty much run your business from the computer in your phone.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Our business is too small to need something like this but very interesting post. I like that it can help you manage things for your company. That is really cool!

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Wow that’s phenomenal! I mean Having companies within your company that manage supplies, quantities, and even getting the best deals on them and still using quality supplies. It’s just mind blowing with all the possibilities that is out there today.

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