SGS Whack-a-Mole Game Electronic Toy Review

Oh my gosh, this Super Digi King Game was the hit of the 4th of July BBQ!! The adults even managed to let the kids play with it!! (at least once) We are a very competitive family so everyone was lined up to play just trying to out do the other person’s score. It was quite the competition!! This game is not as easy as you would think!! No, there is no video of that, my children were very loud with their smack talk! It wasn’t pretty. But it was hysterical!!
The game is basically a portable Whack-A-Mole game and in the box is a mallet that has very soft ends to hit the moles that light up. The game board itself that measures 13″ wide 9″ deep and 2″ high. There are 7 moles that light up randomly. All you need to do is whack the mole when it lights up. Ummmm hummm that’s allll ya have to do…….

There are suction cups on the bottom of the game to keep it steady. There are several modes that you can play and much to my delight there is a mute button on the side. The game will play in English as well as in Spanish. For some reason the 5 year-old thinks it’s hysterical to play this game in Spanish. (no, she isn’t bilingual) There are several levels to the game. Miss 2 moles and one light goes off, if all three lights go out you lose. The moles light up quicker with each game. The game also let’s you know if you have the high score. It’s FUN!! It’s addicting even if you are an adult!

The game requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included. The battery compartment closes with a small Phillips head screwdriver, which is always my preference. I don’t want the kids playing with batteries.

This is a really fun game for kids! It teaches eye hand coordination, reaction time and patience; especially when there are a line of adults ahead of you.

WINNER!5-year-old Alice declared herself the winner and the big bad Uncle Zac didn’t have the heart to tell her she was wrong.  Such a Great Uncle!!  (Ladies, he’s single!! But, let’s not mention to him where you heard that!  Zac’s very tall and freakishly strong! And this MaMa can’t run that fast!)


No whines from me the SGS Whack-A-Mole Electronic game is very fun. I am especially happy that I can turn the sound off! This is sturdy plastic game board, a fast paced family fun game! I highly recommend this one!!



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