#shopletreviews Have you heard of a site called, I’d had never been there before. This site is jam packed with office supplies and more.  I’m thrilled I have found them!! Check out this Furniture Touch-Up Kit! HOT DIGGITY!!! This little kit took care of scratches and water marks on the dining room table, the coffee table and well absolutely everywhere I’ve tried!!  After Christmas I plan to walk around the house and HEAL MY wood furniture. EVERY SINGLE house needs this kit!!  I can’t tell you how fast and HOW EASY this little kit is to use!!  3 Easy Steps. Apply the coordinating marker color to the wood and wipe off with a clean lint free cloth. Have gouges, dents, cracks or scratches? No worries, use the Filler Stick in light, medium or dark, then go over with your coordinating marker. Wipe with a clean lint free cloth. WOW WOW WOW!! It’s so addicting, because the results are amazing!! Hey, put on the coffee, I’ll come over and restore your furniture next!! All this and the kit is only $9.81

Next up Microfiber Gloves. Everyone that knows me knows I prefer to text over calling. Everyone who knows me knows I ALWAYS have cold hands. Try and tell me this wasn’t a review match made in Blog Heaven!!  Microfiber Gloves!! Okay at first glance I admit it I thought NO WAY these will work.  They look big, fuzzy and warm. First, very warm!! YEAH!! I am amazed….. as a matter of fact I KEPT texting DH over and over because I truly didn’t believe that I was texting with GLOVES ON!!!! WOW!!  Who knew?  Smarter Dual Action, microfiber gloves you CAN Text in!!  Machine washable! Big plus! Any finger activation. Touchscreen cleaning while you are texting!  $6.96 a pair

Next up, Rolling Wrist Rest. Again, I was skeptical, did I really need a rolling wrist rest? The BIG HUGE ANSWER is YES!! This isn’t a wrist rest like I’ve ever used. The name doesn’t do this rest justice, because it actually glides on the desktop. Meaning I can EASILY roll between the key board and mouse without lifting my wrist. The rest has independent wheel rotation which allows really smooth rolling in any and all directions. Ergonomically designed soft foam padding provides comfort and support while helping to reduce joint stress. The wrist rest is made with memory foam. Comfortable! Looks great on the desk too!  Weighs 2.3 oz. The rest is 2¼ deep and 5″ wide and comes in black. The rolling wrist rest is $9.90

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