Shopping for Jeans!

True Religion Jeans Style #W46A914KU8BNSMThings I’ve learned in my 56 years, buying jeans is NOT as easy for women as it is for men!! DH walks in, goes to his size shelf. Done. So NOT fair!! I’m taking pair after pair into the dressing room!

So, here is what I’ve learned for a successful jean shopping experience. Don’t take a ‘non shopper’ with you. Seriously! You need to take your time.  DH stays home! My daughters HOME! My son HOME!  I will not be rushed in my jeans shopping quest.  Here is my personal shopping strategy.

I zero in on the style, cut and color that I like the best.  My favorite jean color is the dark wash, the dark jeans are instantly slimming!!  Seriously, who doesn’t love that?!  Next I save myself trouble and time by grabbing 3 sizes to take into the fitting room.  A pair in my normal size, one larger and one smaller. As much as I would like to see universal sizing in jeans, every brand has a different size structure. I might be a 10 in one size and 14 in another, even a 16!

Once I’m in the fitting room I do a couple of squats, I try and sit in them. Am I comfortable? Does the back gap? Do I have that mushroom top going on? That’s not a good look, I grab a different size.

One I’ve found the perfect pair of jeans, I grab 2 pair, minimum!! Yes, two, one pair that I’ll have hemmed to wear with sandals and flats.  Did you know a good tailor can hem your jeans and you’ll never be able to tell the difference?? Yup, a tailor can use the original hem!!  The second pair I keep the full length  to wear with heels.  Myself, personally, I think you need three pair. NOTHING worse than ruining your favorite pair only to find out, your favorites are long gone, no longer being made!

My favorite, perfect designer jeans are from True Religion!!  These are the Becca Mid Rise Bootcut Women’s Jeans. I LOVE everything about these jeans! The cut, the color, the details on the pockets! AND they look amazing on!!  These jeans look amazing with a fitted blazer?  My favorite ‘go to’ outfit, white t-shirt, blazer and my True Religion Becca jeans.  Add my diamond earrings and a chunky ring, I’ve got a look that’s good morning to night!

What is your ‘go to’ outfit?  Are you a jeans  person? Do you have any tips when shopping for jeans?


  • Rosie

    I was looking for distressed jeans online, then decided no, I don’t want to deal with bringing them back. Stick to anything really stretchy for now, I guess!

  • Sue

    I have had really good luck with Vera Wang’s from Kohl’s and certain cuts in Gap (although they did away with my favorite). I love the idea of getting a pair and hemming them. Especially those that don’t have short, avg and tall versions.

  • Brenda Lee

    Omg, do I hate buying jeans! Like Cori, my new found love is Old Navy Jeans, especially when they are on sale. I get the skinny’s that have just enough stretch in them and hold their shape. Love them!

  • Corina Ramos

    I always have problems with jeans…the hips :). I love Old Navy jeans but it looks like I’m going to have to losen up the purse string and get me a pair of True Religion :).

    Great post!

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