Back to Basics: Fashion Tips for Traveling Moms

Traveling with the kids is both exciting and challenging. Sure, spending time exploring new places with them is very exciting, but you also have to think about keeping them comfortable and entertained every step of the way. On top of that, you have to enjoy the trip yourself.

These challenges are not impossible to overcome; I know, because I’ve had some great travel memories with my children. Tackling those challenges starts with being comfortable yourself, and that means knowing how to dress for maximum comfort while traveling with the kids.

Learn About the Destination

Before you can dress for the trip, you need to know the destination you will be visiting. Research the weather and the kind of activities you will be doing along the way. The more information you gather, the more you can prepare for things to come.

When going to a tropical destination, for instance, packing extra sweaters for comfort is definitely not the way to go. Rather than sweaters, you’d be much better and much more comfortable wearing T-shirts or shirts.

Don’t forget to find out more about the kinds of activities you will be taking part in.  A waterpark may mean you need a lightweight mac rather than a heavy overcoat. Once again, the goal is staying comfortable so that you can focus on enjoying the trip with the kids rather than your clothes.

Learn the Tricks

Knowing how to dress for the trip is highly beneficial for two reasons. First, you can stay comfortable for longer, which means you can enjoy the trip with the kids more. The second reason is convenience. Traveling with children is something best done with careful planning.

Airport security is a good example situation. If you dress for the trip, you don’t have to juggle between taking off your shoes and watching the kids, all while trying to get through security. The tweaks are easy too.

Switch to a comfortable pair of pants, wear slip-on or flipflops, and store all metallic items in your carry-on. It is also a good idea to use a carry-on bag with a dedicated compartment for your gadgets, so you can store your phone and tablets while trying to get through security.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

The shoes you wear are crucial. Yes, you can wear flipflops for convenience, but you still have to have a pair of comfortable shoes for when you want to spend the entire day exploring the destination. Nothing beats a comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers.

This is where you can splurge and think about style. For example, a pair of Balenciaga sneakers will turn even the most basic look into a sophisticated one. You can pair the sneakers with a white T-shirt and your favorite jeans and still look gorgeous for the trip. You can explore this brand at where there’s an extensive catalogue of Balenciaga sneakers you can browse through. SSENSE also has plenty of options when it comes to shoes and sneakers for traveling, making it the perfect site to visit for some last-minute, pre-trip shopping.

Pack Smart

It is one thing to prepare better for the trip, and another to pack everything just to be safe. Dressing for the trip means packing the right items. Once again, you have to think about the children and the fact that you cannot always handle big bags when traveling with the kids.

A good rule of thumb is to pack one or two tops for every day of the trip. Pack extras to wear when going to bed and simply prepare one or two pairs of pants – preferably comfortable ones – to get the basics covered. If you still have enough room in your luggage, you can add additional pieces.

The lighter you pack, the easier it will be to get to and from the destination. Instead of lugging around big bags, you can spend more time with the kids and have a much more pleasant holiday overall.

Add Layers

You don’t have to bring a lot of tops with you to achieve different looks. Sometimes, all you need is the right accessory. A scarf can turn a white shirt into a more contemporary piece. Wear the same scarf with a T-shirt and a jacket, and you have a chic look that works everywhere.

Jeans are great and they are not reserved for casual outings only. You can add a coat or an oversized shirt – paired with a tank that matches the color of your bag or shoes – to turn the simple fashion piece into a look that turns heads.

Aside from scarfs, you also have hats, glasses, and other accessories to add to the look. Remember to keep it simple and functional, and you cannot go wrong with the accessories you wear.

Using these tips, looking gorgeous throughout the trip will be something you can do seamlessly while having a lot of fun with the kids.


  • Shannon Mitchell

    Those are some great tips, I like the idea of adding a scarf to the t-shirt to dress it up a little while still being comfortable. I like wearing t-shirts and jeans with comfortable shoes. I’m not a big fan of flip-flops unless I’m at the pool.

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