Preventing Family Weight Gain This Winter!

Chubby snowmenAh winter. The fresh air, chilled, crisp wind, occasional snow. All you want to do is cuddle up with your family in front of the fireplace with a big blanket with bowls of buttered popcorn and a fun series flowing one after the other on Netflix. In this weather it is so easy to get caught up with eating and consuming tons of warm food and beverages – like hot chocolate! It’s so easy for the whole family to put on weight during the winter because, well, it’s not that great stepping out into the chilly weather. Big hearty stews, extra large pizzas, macaroni-and-cheese. That’s what winter is about right? Or is it?
Well there are ways for the family to keep fit and slim during the chilly winter months and still get their fill of warm and delicious meals and beverages. If you take a squizz at these Research Verified reviews it will also guide you to the best supplements for natural weight loss.

1. Soups

Soups are the answer to many of winter’s problems. Hearty soups fill the whole family up and make everyone feel great! There are so many healthy recipes you can choose from – from chicken to spicy asian soups, italian minestrone and mushroom soups. A good lentil and vegetable soup is the fastest way to feel great and get full really quick! All you need do is add an extra tin of white beans and voila! – the whole family will feel extra satisfied!

2. Drinks

Hot chocolate is a real killer in winter. Yes, it tastes great (especially when it’s covered in cream and marshmallows) but can do serious damage to the family’s bellies and thighs. If you want to give the family something that will make them feel warm and taste something delicious offer them some delicious spicy chai tea. Warm apple cider with a bit of cinnamon will also do the trick. There are also a bevy of herbal teas that will delight your family’s taste buds that will play magic in their systems and won’t add to any form of weight gain.

3. Exercise

Any indoor activities are great for kids and there are so many centers available that offer these. When it comes to you and the hubby, get to the local gym. Within minutes of warming up you will feel heated up and ready to go at the stairmaster or treadmill machines. If you can afford it, purchase a treadmill that you can place in the lounge in front of the telly so that you can discipline yourself to exercise every time your favorite show comes on. You and your hubby can have turns. The kids will also find this fun.

4. Meals

If you want to offer up warm meals serve pastas but put away the cheesy sauces and substitute them for tomato based ones instead. Serve up delicious chicken but marinate the breasts and forego the fatty drumsticks. Let the whole family enjoy meat but go for the parts with the least fat such as sirloin. Serve hamburgers but use whole wheat buns and patties with low-fat beef mince and stuff it with lettuce, tomatoes and raw onion rings and a nice low-fat mayonnaise.
As you can see there are many different ways you and your family can stay leaner and healthier this winter. Stock up the fridge with healthy alternatives, get the gym contracts ready and look forward to keeping the whole family healthier and slimmer this winter!

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