Silicone Gloves for Cooking and Baking Review

Have you ever used Silicone Gloves in the kitchen, BBQing or camping?? You need to seriously think about adding a pair to your kitchen tools!  The first time I heard Silicone and Oven Mitt in the same sentence I had truly thought they would melt. It’s Silicone, isn’t that like plastic? Well, let me tell you; they don’t melt. You can’t feel the heat. NOT EVER! Not even a little bit!!

Now you are probably wondering how hot?! How about heat resistant for temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit!!

•One of the features that I truly love about these Silicone Gloves is that they are gloves! Some of my pot holders are rather tattered and old and MAN when I find an area that is no longer protected it takes everything I have not to let go of the hot item I’m holding! The grip on these gloves is awesome! You truly have a firm grip, no heat and no slipping.

These gloves fit both DH and myself. Maybe not Alice so much! But ya know I had to try. The gloves are very pliable.

These truly are AMAZING gloves!! Made from durable material and engineered with a 5- fingers both hands design. The most safe material for use in food handling, cooking, baking, bbq and grilling!

More reasons to love these Silicone Gloves? You can wash them in the dishwasher!! Yup, 100% dishwasher safe. Although, these clean so easily that I just leave the gloves on in my dishwater in the sink and clean them that way. Super easy! Grease, oil and food wash off easily.


Not a single one!! I am excited to take these with us on our upcoming camping trip because they work!! They work REALLY, really great! Rated for 425°!!  Truly that is a better rating than ANY pot holder or oven mitt in my kitchen!! Besides, what oven mitt do you have in your kitchen that you can reach in and grab eggs from a boiling pan of water?  Or change out a hot light bulb? Or use to open jars?! Open jars easily I might add!!  2 very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY UP!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with my Silicone Baking Gloves from Zitriom!!




    I need a pair of these. I am so clumsy (I blame it on my Mum falling when she was preggers with me) and am constantly cutting or burning myself in the kitchen. I am banned from using the can opener or carving the Christmas turkey! I accidently set the last pair of oven mitts on fire! Absolutely hopeless!

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