Zebra Pens Review

I know that some of you will be shaking your heads; pens? Really? You can get this excited about PENS?! In a word. YES! I am the reason there are chains on pens. I am the reason that people stick huge flowers on the ends. I am the reason that the grocery store clerk doesn’t want to lend you her pen. I can’t help it!! I love pens!! It’s an obsession really.
Zebra2Seriously how appropriate are these pens for me?? Wild About Pens!? Ummmm YEAH!!! Yeah I AM!!!

Check out these Z-Grip Pens from Zebra Pens. FUN colors!! Bright colors!! I love the different colors and using them makes my calendar not only look funky and fun but it’s actually a great organization tool as well. I can use Purple for Alice’s activities. I use Pink for the NaNa’s activities. Turquoise is for blog work. Green is for my to-do list.

The Z-Grip Pens write very smoothly. The colors are fun and bright. Each pen writes very nicely with a nice medium point. There is a comfort grip for your hand so that you can write for long periods of time without getting hand cramps.

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Not a single whine! I have new pens! Seven, NEW pens to be exact. Seven pens in perfect colors of black, green, lime, turquoise, pink, purple and orange. Ahhhhhh all is well in my world again. For a little while anyway!!



  • Krystal Waters

    I love pens too, I have quite a collection myself. I have a cup full in my bedroom and a drawer full in my kitchen and if they start disappearing I go buy more.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    These pens sound great! I love that they have a grip on them. Having arthritic hands and fingers, gripping anything, especially pens, is difficult for me. I also love the idea of using a different color for different people, chores, etc. Thanks for this review!

  • Carol S.

    I purchased some of these for my neighbors daughter for school. She was told she could not use them in school and that she would need to leave them home to use! I guess some teachers don’t like the colored inks, they want blue only!

  • Julie Wood

    These are really nice pens with different colors and I do puzzles a lot and would love to get a package of these cool pens. I will have to look for them in the store.

  • Stacy

    I thought I was the only one obsessed with pens! At work we are supposed to write in only blue ink for any “official” paperwork (anything that has to go to the home office) but for anything else, I always write in either green or purple ink. I don’t know why, those are my go-to ink colors. Plus, it is easy to say if I actually did something or not because I am the only one that writes in either of those colors at work!

  • Sandy Weinstein

    i have several of their pens and mechanical pencils, they are not expensive and work great, i love the colored pens. i like their pens b/c they are easy to grip since i have carpal tunnel.


    Love the fact that they have a silicone grip. It really makes for a comfy writing experience especially for those of us who are heavy writers.

  • Tamra Phelps

    We love Zebra pens! My favorite is the Zebra ball point pen. I haven’t tried these yet, but they look pretty nice.

  • Carol S.

    Those are bright colors and I love pens with silicone grips. My grandchildren will love these as much as I do! And better yet, they are so affordable. Thanks for sharing!

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