Simple, Effecting Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Security

For most of us, our home is our sanctuary. It’s where we can enjoy family time, peace and quiet, and the simple comfort of unwinding and relaxing at the end of a busy day. However, though most of us try to make our homes as warm and inviting as possible, many of us fail to take the basic security measures that can guard against, theft, burglaries and other types of crime. 
Thankfully, there are simple, yet effective ways you can make your home safer, without spending a fortune in the process, such as having a security system like alarmanlagen wired up into your home.
Hold a Safety Meeting
Whether you have roommates or a family, holding a safety meting can ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding home security. A few key discussion points include the following:
  • Windows and locks. Everyone in your home should make a habit of always locking doors and windows. And since many burglaries and home invasions occur during the day, be sure everyone knows the importance of locking up, even during the daylight hours. Also, all locks should be in proper working order; check each one, as well as screens and windowpanes, and make repairs or replacements if necessary.  
  • Visitors. Children should know to never, under any circumstances, to open the door for strangers. Likewise, roommates should come to an agreement on visitors; for example, you could instate a “no uninvited guests” policy, or agree to get everyone’s permission before having visitors.  
  • Safety chores and responsibilities. Assigning daily safety chores is a great way to share the responsibility of home security. For instance, one person can be in charge of securing outdoor valuables, while another can double-check doors and windows. 
  •  Security systems. If you have a home security system be sure everyone in your home knows how to operate it, properly. Children, partners and roommates should memorize security codes and understand your system’s features. If you don’t have a home security system, learn more about ADT and their top-of-the-line home systems. 
Assess the Safety of Your Home
One great way to protect your home is to assess its security, or lack thereof. For this task, you’ll have to learn to think like a criminal. For example, tips like the following will help you sniff out weak spots in your home’s security, then remedy those issues, accordingly:
  • Spot your valuables. Step outside and take a look at your home. Are there any expensive items in plain sight? Can you spot electronics, works of art or other valuables from outside? If so, stop advertising to criminals, and keep pricey items out of sight. Outdoor items should be secured, as well, so be sure to pay attention to valuables like tools, bicycles, ATV’s, etc. 
  •  Notice your lawn. Is your lawn overgrown? Are there trees or shrubs growing in front of windows or in walkways? An unruly lawn can provide the perfect cover for lurking burglars, so make sure your greenery is kept neat and orderly. Also, outdoor lighting is an inexpensive way to deter would-be thieves, so consider installing floodlights, motion-sensor lights, etc.
  • Make your home look occupied. If you work a lot, or spend lots of time away from your home, you should take measures to make your home look occupied. Keep your porch, mailbox and doorstep free from mail, flyers and other clutter, and try to keep your outdoor space neat and tidy.

Form a Neighborhood Watch Group

In addition to protecting your own home from crime, you can also do your part in protecting and bettering your entire community. If your neighborhood already has a crime watch group, check out a meeting; voice your concerns, ask questions and see what you can do to help out. If your neighborhood lacks a formal watch group, get together with your neighbors and discuss ways in which you can work together to make your homes and community a safer place to live.


  • Rebecca Kellerman

    These are some great tips! I love the idea and importance of getting kids involved in household safety. As soon as kids are able to memorize a code, that is great to teach them. I also like the idea of checking from the outside to see if you can spot valuables inside!

  • Angelica

    These are wonderful tips. We’re close with our neighbors and live on a small street, I love that we all watch out for each other. It’s also a great idea, if you have a basement, to put a deadbolt on your basement door. At least in our house, the basement windows are the easiest access to break into our house… there’s almost no way that they could get in on the first floor.. so that deadbolt gives us a little piece of mind since burglars wouldn’t expect it.

  • Shayna Gier

    My husband and I live with my brother-in-law, so there is always someone coming and going! This post reminded me of the importance of making sure the windows and doors are properly locked, so we’ll be sitting down and talking about making sure to do so from here on out. Thank you for such an informative and helpful post.

  • Debbie F

    I live out in the country – not much crime here, though I am still careful.

    One exception: a dog came by and stole a pumpkin (a few Halloween seasons ago) from our yard. 😀

  • Nataile Brown

    I like your tip on having daily security chores. That’s great for a family so everyone has responsibility and is aware. Another point about your yard is to not have large plants or bushes that people can hide behind. I learned that one from a domestic violence safety advocate. Thanks for the tips!

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    These are things that many people don’t often think about until it is too late. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    I am very fortunate to live in a community that takes home safety very seriously. We all look out for one another and there is such comfort in having neighbors that care!

  • Lea

    Wonderful article! I would like to add when going on vacation please let neighbors know you will be out of town and when your expected return will be. Also, knowing your neighbors and them knowing you is very important.

  • Tiana

    Another safety tip involves social media…don’t post when you will be going on vacation on open media sites such as Facebook as this gives your information that your home is possibly vacant and ripe for the picking to criminals! Wait until you return from your trip to share your photos and great time! =)

  • Rosie

    This is good info! I just called ADT yesterday. It is good to research online, too, so you don’t feel rushed into a decision.


    Living in the countryside it’s often easy to forget that burglars are indiscriminate – if they want something that you’ve got then they will try to get it. A lot of houses/farms in the area had their gates stolen just after Christmas when scrap metal prices were high. The Neighbourhood Text Scheme alerted us & we relayed the text onto the next no. on the list and so on. The thieves were caught and the scrap merchants convicted as well.
    Another thing that happens a lot around here is that funeral announcmenets are made on the local radio station; in other words telling the whole world that your house is going to be empty at a certain time or open to ‘visitors’. A bit of commonsense on the part of the radio presenter put an end to that.

  • Chris O

    Great tips. I also recommend functional landscaping.
    We have aloe under the front windows, thorned raspberries on one side of the house & pineapple plants on the other.

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