Simple Tips For Home-Schooling During The Pandemic

Just as adults have started to work from home, some children are being forced to learn from home. This is not something they will be used to at all, as you can imagine. However, you have a perfect opportunity to be a part of their educational development and help them to understand core concepts that feature in their curriculum. Something about being in the heart of your child’s education and helping them to understand and learn about the world should send tingles up anyone’s spine. But how do you help them learn in an environment which they’re not used to learning in, and how do you adjust to the new challenges you face?

Make a classroom

One of your rooms has to become their new classroom. It’s a way for them to go from being at home to sitting in a learning environment. They will be used to doing this mental transition every day they go to school. So, pick your living room and have a plan to move all the seating out the way. Move new seats in or if your children are still young, they can learn now the floor. Place an area rug underneath them so their clothes aren’t facing in undue wear and tear, and allow them to utilize their pens, crayons and books as they normally would. You should also buy a whiteboard for yourself, so you can better explain concepts to your kids. Also, they will be used to visualizing their work, so it’s pretty much a requirement.

Special learning needs

But what if you have children that have some kind of learning difficulty? These types of dyslexia books are very handy as they explain ideas and concepts in a way that your child will understand. They also make sure that any written stages are worded in a way that is easy to comprehend and also neatly written on the page so as to not be in any confusion. 

If your children have other learning difficulties you can always ask their teachers for options. Usually, they will direct you to the national curriculum website, which has certified recommendations for special needs learning.
kids fall leaves

Take breaks

Children will be learning in a new environment, but their routine has to stay the same. That’s why parents should be wary that taking breaks should be done in the same manner that their schools do it. So allow your children to go outside and play for however long they usually do. Place toys outside, skipping ropes, footballs, basketballs, etc. children should also be allowed to eat lunch outside but if they don’t usually watch television in school, then they shouldn’t be watching television during your new home school. 

Children learning from home is a great opportunity for you to show your children why some concepts and ideas they’re learning are so important. It’s a great time to bond with your kids, through teaching as well. 


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