Six Signs That You Are Mentally Healthy

It’s getting harder to stay calm in our world. The pressure of constant stress affects our reactions, sometimes we behave inappropriately, get hysterical, yell at children… Quite reasonably, the thought may creep in – is everything alright with me? If a lot of stress has just rolled over you lately, then you can take a break from it and have fun at home lying on the couch by visiting Bizzo Casino.

Below are the markers of a mentally healthy person. If you can confidently say that you have them, relax – you are mentally healthy.

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Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Self—esteem is an aspect that is talked about so much that it can be considered something of a cliche. But in fact, this is the key to mental and emotional health. Indeed, without this component, it is difficult to remain stable and feel confident when faced with the challenges of everyday life.

Good self-esteem includes a positive perception of yourself and an adequate assessment of who you are. As well as the ability to treat other people with respect, the ability to listen, and prioritize.

Psychological Flexibility

To a large extent, being mentally healthy means adapting to changing life situations. It’s easy to feel happy and calm when things are going well, but it’s important to stay calm and stable when difficulties arise. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to accept changes without getting too upset; to look for effective ways to solve problems. This ability protects our psyche from disorders such as depression.

Emotional Intelligence

If you are mentally healthy, you have high emotional intelligence. In other words, you know how to determine what you feel, and you know how to regulate your emotions. This means that you are not captured by extremely intense states, and you do not react on autopilot when experiencing emotions.

In addition, you can understand other people, what they feel and what they need, and know how to act accordingly.

Internal Work

If you are mentally healthy, you will work on yourself. Perhaps you already have good experience and a set of acquired skills thanks to your upbringing or experience. However, self-improvement is necessary to develop, get to know yourself better, and not depend on external events.

Taking Care of Yourself

Being mentally healthy means that you know how to prioritize and organize your time. For example, you allocate time to work, develop good habits, and take care of your relationships. You are looking for and creating balance in all areas of your life.

Good Communication Skills

You can determine if you are mentally healthy by analyzing your relationships with other people. Indeed, they are a wonderful reflection of your inner state. For example, if you are stressed, then any comment or action by other people can cause you strong and negative emotions. The destabilization of the psyche is visible in relationships with people with whom you communicate for a long time. They can suggest that you have changed, become rude, impulsive, etc.


Thank you for reading this article! Take care of your health and be happy!


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