4 Tiny Islands Where People Have Ever Lived

A small island in the middle of the ocean is the embodiment of an introvert’s dream of peace. When it’s just you and your favorite Hellspin entertainment on the whole island. And such islands exist in reality.

Moreover, many of them are inhabited or become a center of attraction for tourists and exotic lovers. We present to you the seven most islands where people live.

The Thousand Islands Archipelago

The highlight of the archipelago on the St. Lawrence River is a miniature piece of land called “Just enough space”. Its area is only 310 sq.m.

The island is owned by the Sizeland family. The head of the family bought the rights to it in the 50s of the last century and built a small house for a secluded holiday. In addition to the stone structure, there are a couple of trees and a small beach. The family spends weekends on a private island or celebrates holidays, drinking beer and frying barbecue sausages.

Island living kayak


The mini-islet geographically belongs to the Bay Islands island group, located in the Caribbean Sea, 70 km from the coast of Honduras. A luxurious snow-white villa is built on a coral reef with an area of 490 sq.m.

Due to the complex relief of the rock, the building was erected for more than 3 years. The owner of the island stretched communications to the house along the ocean floor, equipped with a pier, convenient descent to the water. On the second level, he made an outdoor pool and opened a hotel. The private hotel is surrounded by a picturesque oak forest, gazebos are installed in the coastal zone.

This place has become a center of attraction for diving and fishing enthusiasts. And tourists are also attracted by the mysterious legend about the treasures of the pirate Blackbeard. According to legend, the treasure of the famous filibuster is hidden in one of the local caves.

Little Brewster

A small rocky island with an area of less than 1000 sq.m. is located 14 km from Boston. This is the only corner of the land where there is a lighthouse under human supervision. All other structures that light the way for sea vessels have been automated for a long time.

The beautiful lighthouse with the name “Boston Light” is served by the keeper Sally Slowman. This is the only woman who has been entrusted with such a responsible position.

The lighthouse keeper spends many months alone on the island, supplies and everything she needs are delivered from the “mainland” by boats. There is no television or internet on the island, but this facility is accessible to the public. Tourists come on excursions, and Sally’s husband, who lives with her on this uncomfortable patch of land for several months a year, does not leave her.


The man-made island appeared on Lake Steinhuder Meer in the XVIII century. Duke Wilhelm Schaumburg conceived the idea of creating a powerful fortification to protect his possessions. For 5 years, the local population delivered sand, gravel, and stones by boat to the construction site. In winter, building materials were transported across the frozen lake.

A stone fortress in the form of a star with four rays was erected in the center of the bulk island. The service in the fort was an ordeal for the soldiers. Due to the high humidity, many of them suffered from rheumatism and colds. In 1767, a military school for cadet officers was opened here. Later, after the death of the duke, the fortress turned into a state prison.

Wilhelmsen is an example of German pedantry and accuracy. The island has the shape of a regular square, each side of which is 100 m. Now, in addition to the fortress surrounded by ancient trees, there is a museum on the island, a hotel for tourists, a cafe, and a souvenir shop. The island still belongs to the descendants of the Duke, who turned it into a profitable tourist destination.


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