What to Eat in the World: 5 Popular Countries and Their Traditional Breakfast

Traveling is always an opportunity to plunge into a different environment and get into the local culture, and nothing in the world reflects the flavor of another country like food. And what is our most important meal? That’s right, breakfast.

And today we will talk about the classic national breakfasts of the 5 most popular countries of the world. But not only breakfast can give us a lot of energy, but also an active holiday on IviBet Brasil.


Japan is a country where everything is thought out to the smallest detail and has a conceptual and unique character, and the Japanese comrades have generally built food into a cult surrounded by a combination of visual beauty and a mix of tastes. The fact that all Japanese dishes combine 5 flavors is worth it. But today is not about that, today is about breakfast. A typical Japanese breakfast consists of glutinous rice, grilled fish, miso soup, natto, and tamagoyaki. Tamagoyaki is a Japanese egg roll, and natto is fermented soybeans.

All these dishes are served together during the meal. If you think about it, the combination of dishes is perfectly balanced, and most importantly, nutritious and gives a boost of energy for the whole day.

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Spain is a country with a rich history and no less rich and delicious cuisine. Spaniards are one of the many European communities that loves a sweet breakfast! Their classic breakfast is a plate with crispy and warm churros, chocolate sauce, and coffee with milk. And if we talk about a savory breakfast, then, of course, it’s tostada, garnished with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. Tostada can be served with ham, cheese, or avocado, depending on preferences and region.


Another country that notices sweet breakfasts, well, and the owner of the eternal classics – coffee and croissant. The croissant must be freshly baked, and jams, chocolate, and sometimes unsweetened toppings are served with it. Simple and satisfying! funny observation: some French people dip croissants in coffee and then take a bite of it, just like we dipped cookies in tea in childhood.


Coffee is a prerequisite for a real Italian breakfast! Italians are famous for their coffee, and their real cappuccino is mind-blowing. Coffee is savored with fresh pastries, such as mini croissants cornetti, light biscuits – biscotti. Sometimes yogurts, fruits, and muesli are used as a supplement, but this is rather optional. It may just be time to contact someone like bella vita travel italy for a guided tour and taste it all for yourself. 


Thanks to the influence of Mediterranean, Ottoman, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European cuisines, Turkish culinary customs have become truly something grandiose. A combination of Turkish freshly brewed coffee or tea in elegant cups, and also kahvalti, which impresses with its variety. Kahvalti is a set of different small plates, in which vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, cheeses, olives, eggs of various kinds, jams and fruits, pastries and bread, or local ham are laid out, in general, everything that your heart desires. And chyler is a local version of scrambled eggs. Satisfying and colorful, just like Turkey itself!


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