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My Slick Spy Camera Pen 1080p 32GB Review #myslickspy

5 seconds on my blog and you know I am gadget addicted. I am photo addicted. I am electronic addicted. I am …. well you get the idea. So today I want to share with you my new Slick Spy Camera Pen. This pen holds 32GB of videos OR PHOTOGRAPHS!! How cool is that?! That means that I can record a full hour of video. With 1080p the picture quality is great too!

Starting with the look. This is a solid-looking desk pen, absolutely looks like a pen that you would gift to the executive in your life. The pen is black with silver accent. This is a heavy pen weighing in at almost 2 ounces. So it feels and looks like a real pen. The clip has a thin black accent piece that actually moves up and down, this piece covers the camera hole when you no longer want to film. On the top of the pen is a silver button, this is the function button.

Unscrew the pen like you were going to change the ink cartridge and there is the USB plug part of the pen. This is how you charge your pen and see the pictures and videos. On the back of the pen is a tiny little hole; this is the microphone, the reset button and the LED indicator. The LED indicator is very light and is not something that someone would see even standing next to you; truthfully I have a hard time seeing the light!

The Spy Pen takes 5mp full HD quality still photos which is nice. I just want to mention you will need to plug this pen into a computer to view pictures, videos and configure your time and date stamp. Plug in your pen to the computer and go to the settings folder. You can set Video Image Quality, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, White Balance, Time Stamp, Video Frame Size, Optical Source Freq and Audio Volume.

The pen takes videos in MOV and stills in JPG remember these can only be viewed on a computer.

I do want to note that the camera is way higher than you think it is so it’s important to note that if you put the pen in your shirt pocket you will get a lot of ceiling shots. The best spot; as weird as this sounds; is in your pants pockets. You can see the difference in the videos. Ceilings…. shirt pocket….. people….. jeans pocket.

Okay, so I know you really only want to see the pictures and videos that this pen provides. As you can tell I’m still very new at using this pen. So I apologize for the jerky movements. It’s hard to remember you have a pen in your pants pockets!

And one more video this time with sound!


I have a small whine; this pen gets hot after about 20 minutes of use. That’s my only whine; otherwise the controls are easy to use, click the top button once to activate the camera. The blue light on the back of the pen means the camera is working. Done! You are taping everything from kids, pets or the garden just because it’s so dang cool!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Remember when the older Bond movies came out – I used to watch them purely for the gadgets. Now everyone can have them!

  • Jackie

    I can relate to this post! I’m addicted to gadgets too and when I first found out about spy pens, I immediately searched for the affordable yet features-filled ones. You have one cool spy camera pen here!

  • katrina chavarria

    Man, I really want one of these pens!! I can’t think of an instance where I NEED it, lol but I really really want to try it out!


    Ha ha! I kept thinking of the original Maxwell Smart while I was reading this. If I couldn’t be Catwoman then I wanted to be Agent 99!

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