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Sneaky Ways To Teach Kids About Entrepreneurship Without Them Realizing

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You don’t have to be a pushy parent who wants their kids to reach for the stars to want to teach them the benefits of entrepreneurship. From being in control of their career to having fun and enjoying their job, there are several reasons why being an entrepreneur is fantastic.

Plus, you’ve got a responsibility to sharpen their skills so that they’re ready for the ‘real’ world when the time arrives. 

The problem is that you’re a Mom and kids have a habit of not listening! Thankfully, even if your children are at the stage where they think they know everything, these tricks can help. 

Here are four ways to teach them business lessons without them realizing.

Encourage Money Literacy

Your kids can read and write, but are they money literate? Lots of children don’t try hard enough to boost their math skills, and the adults are to blame. After all, you may state how you’re terrible at math and it’s not your subject. Well, this isn’t going to encourage them to love it, either!

Asking them to calculate the price of items while shopping is a fantastic way to get the cogs turning. Also, teach them the value of money by saving small coins as businesses need every penny.

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Don’t Give Them Money

As a parent, you can’t help but say ‘yes’ when your child asks for something, including money. However, it’s the wrong move because it teaches them to rely on others for cash. Instead, you should show them that you have to work hard and be smart to boost wealth. All it takes is to get them to do chores for their weekly pocket money. Or, you can go one step further and get them to think of creative ways that they can make a quick buck.

Be Technology Efficient

The home is the worst place for tech. While it’s packed with appliances, a poor internet connection many render them useless. This is an excellent lesson for budding entrepreneurs to learn as downtime is a killer of businesses. Rather than an unstable connection, most of them opt for a VPS server to reduce pressure and maintain productivity. Doing this in the house should show them that good WiFi is necessary, whether at home or in the office. Then, if they do launch a startup, the output won’t be a problem!

Remember that kids pick up habits from their parents that stay with them forever.

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Make Sure They Play Nice

Kids are selfish. They want it all and aren’t willing to share. As a Mom, you need to iron out this trait so that they aren’t spoiled. Another interesting side-effect is the impact it has on teamwork. Siblings that play nice are more likely to do the same with other kids. Then, they’ll do it at high school and college, and finally, when they enter the workforce. Without the ability to work with others, children will never have a long and fulfilling career.

Are you raising entrepreneurs in the making? What lessons do you think are essential?


  • Dawn Keenan

    This is a great idea. With parents driving learning at home now, it’s easy to add in. Plus, most teachers don’t have time to incorporate this into their teaching due to mandates from the state.

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