SnoozeShade Review

SnoozeShade 2

Hello SnoozeShade, where have you been since Alice arrived??!!

First thing to love about the SnoozeShade is the little net carrying case. That’s just the first of a hundred different reasons to love the SnoozeShade.

SnoozeShade 3

SnoozeShade has 6 elastic double snap tabs that ensures the fit.
I can cover the top of the stroller and past Alice’s feet if I want with the SnoozeShade.

There is a zipper in front that you can check on your little one.  An adorable message on the front reads “I’m Catchin’ some Z’s”

SnoozeShade 5SnoozeShade is a breathable sun and sleep shade.  It blocks 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays
Proven to help babies sleep on the go. I will attest to that fact!! Close the SnoozeShade and Alice is O-U-T!!!

The SnoozeShade protects from the sun, wind, chill and mosquitoes!

One size fits all strollers.

From the inside Alice can see the outside world!! Even with the zipper closed.

Check out all the awards this little puppy has won!!

Snooze Shade awards

It definitely gets the 2 thumbs up from NaNa and Alice!!

Alice and the SnoozeShade 6Today we were at LegoLand California, it was a beautiful day but SO windy. The PERFECT addition to our day was the SnoozeShade.  Alice would peek out when we came up to a Lego sculpture, then snuggle back in and out of the wind til the next sculpture or a ride.

SnoozeShade is super easy to undo when it was time for a LegoLand ride.

Alice and the SnoozeShade 7 in LegoLand CA On the way out of LegoLand Alice fell sound asleep!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my SnoozeShade.

If you don’t own a SnoozeShade YOU NEED TO!!!

Mount Rushmore LegoLand CAThis last shot has nothing to do with the SnoozeShade… but Mount Rushmore…. done in LEGO’s!! That’s pretty cool!!
That marks one item off my important to have items for baby Alice.

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


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