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So Serene From Scent Beauty #scentguru #lovescent #scentbeauty

Are you looking for a clean, tranquil scent??  Then look no further. Scent Organix “So Serene”  I like everything about this Eau De Toillette. From the clean, unassuming bottle with the real wood top. To the soft scent.

This is a scent that I spray on myself after a hot bath and before bed. This scent is so tranquil. Not over powering and not one of those scents that would keep you awake at night. (Not certain The Husband would be pleased with that!)

So Serene is truly a fresh, casual scent. Mandarin, Violet leaves, Freesia, Green Tea and Lime. All mixed together smells CRISP!

I wish blogs had a scratch and sniff patch. Ya just gotta smell this!

Scent Organix perfume is 84% naturally derived and free of phthalates, sulfates and parabens.

Scent Organix Eau De Toilette So Serene is not a heavy, floral fragrance, but a beautiful floral combination that can make you to feel beautiful wearing it.

So Serene from Scent Organix is available at Scent Beauty. The 1.7 oz. So Serene Eau de Toilette retails for $50 You will get compliments when wearing this scent!! Then come back here and thank this #scentbeauty #scentguru

Here is my helpful tip to help you make your fragrance last longer. Applying an unscented body lotion, allow it to absorb and then spray your fragrance. You’ll have that wonderful So Serene scent with you much longer!!

Layering your scent will also help cologne or perfume last longer. After you shower, while your skin is still damp dab or spray your perfume behind ears, cleavage, throat, wrist, behind your knees, and even your lower back or aim the spray at those pulse points.

You’ll find that your fragrance rises  when those areas heat up.

Storing your fragrances AWAY from light will help them last longer too.

I’m adding this to my Christmas Gift Suggestion List for 2020!



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