Social Media Marketing And Influencer Strategy – Here’s Why It Works.

Influencer marketing has become, in recent years, a very profitable communication tool for companies that offer products or services to the consumer. Influencers project a further communication, with a closer language and that seeks, above all, naturalization of positioning through the language that influencers usually speak to their community. The more followers the influencer has, the better the chance of more people seeing your brand. Getting more TikTok followers can be as easy as contacting Tokmatik and browsing their affordable plans. Influencers such as Sierra Skye who has four million followers would be able to give your brand a huge boost in traffic. Here are some additional reasons why influencer marketing is showing no signs of slowing.

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Loyalty and proximity.

Influencers provide an efficient loyalty tool by bringing the brand closer to people. A good influencer is one who represents an ideal consumer through spontaneous, authentic, constant communication, which blurs the gap between fantasy and reality. 

Effective segmentation.

To achieve an efficient campaign with the collaboration of influencers, it is essential to be able to discern between those who speak to your target audience and those who do not. For this reason, it is always recommended to carry out a preliminary study to ensure that the selection of people is appropriate. For this, it is necessary to ask, does size matter? Audience volume is not necessarily the value of the influencer you want to work with, but rather the quality of their audience. Regarding this, the benefit of working with micro-influencers is increasingly positioned. 

Quality content for your brand.

It is extremely important to take into account that people on social networks consume, in the first instance, content and not products. This is why to carry out an influencers campaign successfully, and it is necessary to take into consideration co-creation with them, and not fall into a crude “delivery” of material and brief design only from the brand. To the extent that adequate co-creation is achieved, the content will achieve higher quality, since the influencer is the one who best knows his audience and knows how to reach them.

The ROI generated can be great.

According to a study, content from influencers generates a ROI that is 11 times greater than traditional digital campaigns. There’s a lot of information indicating how effective it is, including a study that showed influencer campaigns generate $6.85 for every dollar invested. They are solid statistics. Does it work for all businesses? No – nothing has a 100% success rate. But, there is enough information to suggest that influencer marketing is something brands should at least explore. 

Your offer is located where your audience is most active.

Influencers are used to place your offer in front of a specific audience in the most active environment: social networks. As 74% of consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions, determining the right mix between offer and influencer can be quite helpful.

Anyone who has paid social media campaigns can testify to the effectiveness of social media advertising. So, take that success and magnify it, as the ads are more natural and organic.

Brands are taking influencer marketing seriously like never before.

A large percentage of marketers are increasing their budgets for influencer marketing, which in part proves how effective it is. While those who first took this type of marketing into account have already experienced good results, there are new brands that are getting involved every day. We have seen how some big-name brands and small companies have started running campaigns with influencers, who want to take advantage of this latest marketing phenomenon. Get ahead of your competition and find out how to take advantage of influencer marketing campaigns. Don’t fall behind with your marketing game. 

Traditional ads are becoming ineffective.

Consumers are becoming immune to traditional forms of internet advertising. A few years ago, all advertisers did it the same way – a banner ad in the header of the site and then several pieces of advertising on the right side. Even if they were placed elsewhere, they could be easily identified. Advertising is very prominent today, and consumers are using programs that prevent such advertisements from being displayed – 26% of desktop computer users and 15% of mobile users use ad blockers. So even if you create a great ad and experience decent conversions, if users have ad blockers, they will never see your offers. That is why, images speak volumes on social media.

It’s time to explore the new options available in this exciting decade. The digital era is constantly evolving, and influencer marketing is set to stay popular throughout 2021 and beyond. 


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