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Seriously, if there was ever a product that was meant to be in my home it is Soap Nuts Liquid.  If there was a ever a product that I would pick up just for the name alone it’s soap nuts!! Good thing for me that it’s an amazing cleaning product too!

Need FIVE reasons to switch?!?! 

First, have you ever seen laundry detergent in a container the size of what you get hand soap in?? 16 ounces?? Me either. First thing I thought was whaaaatt? Is this bottle miss labeled? THIS is the laundry detergent? Then I read the instructions 1 or 2 pumps is all I need for an entire load of laundry?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!  If the load is extra dirty use 4 or 5 pumps??  Really?!?  Oh Green Virgin Products, it’s ON!! I accept this challeSoapnge!

The bottle includes a pump top which dispensed an accurate measured amount each pump. My HE washer(front loader), uses 2 pumps for the whole load. If you have a top loader,  3 pumps per load will do the job. Now, get this!!!! If your washer has a detergent dispenser you can use that or just pump the liquid onto your clothes that are in the washer.

So, first batch into the washer was mostly my clothing.  Everything came out clean! Bright colors!  Fresh scent too. Okay, that wasn’t much of a test, I mean really?? I’m a girl! (Ya know, sugar and spice and all that!!)  So, the next load. MAN CLOTHES!! Ahhhhh yes, stinky, dirty man clothes.  NOW that is a test!!

So, what are Soap Nuts??  They are actually a fruit from the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. This nut contains saponin an all NATURAL, NOT chemical cleaner!  Nothing toxic!! Hypo-allergenic so you won’t have rashes or itchy skin with this detergent. Another bonus, completely green!!! Green Virgin Products extracts the saponin using only water.  One important step that other companies fail to do is remove all solids and the tannins and deodorize it. This is all done using high tech filters using no chemicals only water.

If you have really scensitive skin you are probably already familiar with the Skin Deep Database. They rate products, all KINDS of products, from zero to ten. With 10 being very toxic. Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts Liquid is a 1! That’s so IMPRESSIVE!!! I checked one my one of my previous brands…. the big T and it’s a 7.
Another big bonus!! Dilute your Soap Nuts Liquid with 50 parts water and you will have the BEST window cleaner EVER!!! I haven’t tried it YET, but I understand you can clean the car too! Yes, the outside!!

DSC_0861So, back to DH’s smelly clothes??  Check THESE OUT!!!!! I am blown away!!  3 pumps and CLEAN clothes!! Clean! Fresh, clean scent!! WOW!! B-L-O-W-N away!!  Clean cloths!! I’m beyond thrilled.

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Two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY WAY UP for Green Virgin Products!!!

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Giveaway: I am THRILLED to be able to host a giveaway so you can try this amazing product as well!!! Good LUCK!!!

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