Happy Easter!! With Pictures!!

Y’all know I have a blog mostly to share photo’s of the Grandkids!! I thought I would share our Easter pictures with you. First, I have to give kudos to Superfly Kids!!  These Super Hero Capes were the HIT of the day!!! These are quality made, beautiful capes.  We LOVE these capes!  The kids had so much fun!!!  Don’t forget April 28th is Natural Super Hero Day!!  Join a Super Hero Run in your area!!  Read more about the run here.  For now…. check out how fast you  can RUN with a Superfly Cape!!!

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Need a Super Hero Cape of your own?? These are BEAUTIFUL capes!! I picked the Classic Solid Color Capes, TONS of color choices too!!) These capes are made of premium satin, have a serged edge and a sewn on Velcro closure. Strong Velcro too, because these kids were FLYING! These capes didn’t budge.  These were 100% the hit of the day!!! P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!  

Then I ordered matching Superhero Masks!!  OHMYGOSH!!! These are so CUTE!!!!  The Kids’ superhero masks are made of the same premium satin as our capes on the outside and a super soft fleece inside so they feel nice and comfortable on the face. They are flexible, not rigid. They have an elastic band to hold them on tight. They have added extra length to the elastic for you to adjust the length to fit the child’s head.

Superfly also has SUPER fast shipping!!

I love these CAPES and MASKS!!!!!!!

Now…….. of you go….. don’t you have eggs to find??   Happy Easter. Thank you so much for making me part of your day!!!



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