Some glue… some paper punches

Crafting a baby shower invitation
Today was baby shower invitation makin’ day…..(Miss Barbara turn away… turn away! Or you won’t be surprised when yours comes in the mail! Okay.. fine.. but pretend to be surprised okay??) First I searched the internet for the perfect shower picture.  Then, I invited the baby Momma and Grandma Lynn to come help assemble. We used different paper punches to make paper flowers.
I just realized there is only one little flower in these cut outs.  The party hats are for the tables at the shower… cute huh? BTW baby punches are NOT for sissies! They don’t just punch out easy!
Baby shower embellishments
Then we used the little buttons for the center of the flowers.  And WHOOLA cute little invitations ready to mail out tomorrow.
Baby shower invitations

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