All dressed up and no where…..

Family in a waiting roomToday was the day we were to find out the sex of BabyT!! We had a 10:00am appointment at the Ultra Sound Experience in San Marcos CA.  Selena was surrounded by everyone from the other set of Grandparents from Tennessee…… an Aunt & niece from L.A. we had family and friends take off work. All in all we had 14 people anxious to see this baby……. and the machine at Ultra Sound Experience is broken…. I can’t even tell you how disappointed we are.  We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks! We’re rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 9am.  Unfortunately not all of us will be in attendance tomorrow. I am so disappointed! It’s only Tuesday and it’s been a BAD week already!! I need shake off this fowl mood I’m in! You know… Wendesday is the new Monday afterall.

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