Soufeel Charm Bracelet! Prepare To Be Jealous!!

This is me; doin’ the happy dance; cause someone (me! me! me!) is sporting new jewelry!  I love jewelry. One of my favorite pieces is my charm bracelet that my Grandmother started for me when I was 12. It’s full. It’s REALLY full. I’m so excited to be starting a second charm bracelet with the help of Soufeel bracelet. Everything arrives beautifully boxed along with a Soufeel bag. Absolutely perfect for gift giving!!

Soufeel offers Pandora-compatible charmsSoufeel Logoat a fraction of Pandora’s price.

All of Soufeel are .925 Sterling Silver and fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets. Soufeel also has .925 Sterling Silver bracelets available as well. What’s more is that if you order $99 worth of charms Soufeel will include the bracelet for no additional charge.  Spending $79 will get you an extra charm and $59 will get you a pair of earrings.
Soufeel Charms

The Sterling Silver bracelet is even pretty by itself; it mixes in nicely when I wear my other bangle bracelets. To open the Soufeel took me a while. I had NO IDEA how to open this bracelet. As a matter of fact at first glance I thought this mark on the ball in the center was a dent. It’s not a dent. It’s the opening. Just push your fingernail in the opening and it releases the clasp so you can load the charms. It’s super easy and very secure.

To add to my new Soufeel bracelet I picked these charms. By the way each charm comes individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag which is a very nice touch they arrived in pristine condition.

Have A Trip Boat Charm  Super cute charm complete with palm tree, cruise ship complete with windows, waves, smoke stacks and an anchor.  Perfect for all of us cruise lovers!
Embossed Flower Charm This adorable charm has cut outs of flowers with raised flower centers. Perfect for Mother’s Day gifts!
April Birthstone White Flowers Charm Even though my birthday is in June this charm shouted my name because of all the sparkle and shine! Full of raised silver and clear crystals this charm SPARKLES like diamonds!!
Pink Water Drops Charm I picked this one to add a little color to my bracelet. The pink stone is beautiful and the intricate scroll work on this charm makes this one another eye-catching charm.
Solar Deity Charm I picked this one because the sun is similar to the tattoo on my foot. There is a sun on one side and the moon on the other. It’s very pretty!

Coffee Cup Charm Well, I HAD to have the coffee cup!! It was a MUST! It’s a super cute little mug complete with handle and the word COFFEE etched on the side. On the top of the mug are etched with graduated hearts. SO VERY CUTE!!

I am thoroughly and completely thrilled with these charms!! There are TONS and TONS of unique charms for the special person in your life.  From Brides Maids gifts to birthday gifts. Mother’s Day to Valentines Day and even a great way to spoil yourself!!

So, what’s next for my bracelet?? The soon to be released VINTAGE CAMERA CHARM!!  I can’t WAIT!!! I MUST have IT!!! It’s on Pre-Order now. I also MUST have the Red Enameled Travel Suitcase Charm. It’s super cute!  The other charm I have my eye on is this little Travel Car Charm. How completely ‘California’ is that charm? Surf board on a little pink car? SO CUTE!!


Soufeel offers free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee!!!


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Did you see my new bracelet? Did you see how absolutely beautiful the charms are? From the beautiful fit to the wonderfully made with intricate details on the charms; I am thoroughly impressed with Soufeel!

I would LOVE to know which charm is your favorite on Soufeel.



  • Julie Simpson

    I’m not generally a colorful jewelry person just diamonds and white gold make me happy. I do however like things that are unique and not seen everywhere you look. I would wear one of these with the right colors it’s pretty.

  • Angelica

    I do like that they’ve been able to make a charm bracelet that borders on looking sophisticated. I’ve just never gotten into the whole charm bracelet thing, just not my cup of tea. I do know quite a few people who will completely flip over these though, I’ll have to let them know about Soufeel. 🙂

  • abby pafford

    What a beautiful bracelet! this would be great as a gift for my stepmom, aunt, and cousin! It would also mean gift buying would be easy for awhile as we could add charms!!

  • Sue E

    My oldest granddaughter loves jewelry. Yesterday I bought her a Pandora ring for a going away present. She is going to CA next week with her girlfriends. Her first time on a plane and away from her family. We were all crying – it is hard to let go 🙁
    She would love this & probably the suitcase charm. The ring would definitely match a bracelet. Stunning!


    I don’t get Pandora at all! Why spend all that money on a charm? I buy ‘knock-offs’ on eBay for a fraction of the price.

  • polly

    I love the charms & bracelet. They are so unique and love their variety of charms. I would love to have one and add charms to it!

  • Melanie Borhi

    these charms are beautiful and would love to either gift someone with one of these or buy one for myself one day. so pretty.

  • Rosie

    I grew up in the era of charm bracelet fascination – and this is so nice – not as klunky as the old-fashioned kind. I still love charm bracelets and I am jealous – but I can put it on my birthday wish list!!!

  • Sandy Cain

    Their charms are very nice and varied. The Murano glass ones, in particular catch my eye, but I also really like the the Statue of Liberty charm!

  • Kelly

    So cool! One of my best friends daughter made me a charm bracelet and it was so nice, and she was able to pick my favorite items. I could tell how much time, and love, she put into it. this would be a great gift idea.

  • Pamela Gurganus

    These bracelets and charms are so pretty! My mom loves charm bracelets and this would make an excellent gift for her upcoming birthday! Thank you for the review and information.

  • John Thuku

    That is a very beautiful bracelet. I had never heard of this company before. I will check it out. Thank you for posting about this.

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