Gold Pigeon Kids Sandals Review

Get ready for cuteness overload!! The recently turned 4-Year-Old Alice has some new shoes to share with you today! These adorable sandals are from Gold Pigeon Shoes and they are so CUTE!! This particular pair is product number 9173B. These little girls sandals are completely adjustable from across the front over the toes to around the heel. When Alice’s foot grows we can also completely remove the strap from around the heel. PERFECT!! This is such a sturdy pair of shoes that I have no doubt that Alice will out grown them long before they wear out.

First, right out the box we were in love, the 3D design makes everything pop! The little vines and fruit. Super cute, fun design.

The day these shoes arrived Alice and I headed to the park for a test run. We put these adorable sandals through some very rigorous 4-year-old testing.

Alice reports that the shoes are comfortable. She likes the squishy straps (ie comfortable Adjustable and Padded Straps)

Alice reports these shoes don’t slip around. (ie Patterned Insole to prevent the feet from slipping when wet or playing in sand)

Alice reports these sandals are great for jumping. (ie Shock Absorbing midsole provides maximum cushioning and flexibility)

As we were driving back home I asked Alice what she liked the most about her new shoes and she reports “they make my feet feel good”  (ie Soft Cotton Lining. Well padded and comfortable!)

The NaNa reports these were super easy to clean! (ie Water Resistant they also didn’t hang on to the sand! Which was a huge bonus for me!!)


The feature that I’m most excited about is the closure.  It’s magnetic. With probably the STRONGEST magnet I’ve ever held in my hand. HOLY MOLY!! When these magnets meet there is a loud click. YOU KNOW this sandal is closed. No more having to thread the strap through the impossibly small strap opening, no more Velcro that wears out. This closure is AWESOME!! All day long, no matter what Alice does the strap does NOT open. Trust me, we tried! We jumped, we raced, we went down the slide and through the entire day the Gold Pigeon Shoes stayed PUT!! I’m very impressed with the Easy & Secure Magnetic Snap Lock®. 

EVEN MORE TO LOVE?! They make adult shoes too!!!!

Check out these sandals for WOMEN!! How CUTE are THESE?!?! Women Light Weight Walking Comfort Pump Flip Flop AND Gold Pigeon 8160 Women Walking Comfort Flip Flop

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Not a single one! Alice has worn these shoes every single day since they arrived! Alice picks THESE shoes over her Sparkle Princess Shoes. You have no idea how MAJOR that is!! These are well made, well padded and comfortable to wear. Truly a pair that will outlast Alice!!



  • Laurie P

    Love the kids sandals you’ve shown…..the colors are perfect! and they look pretty comfy!

    I also like learning about new brands 🙂

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