Souvenir A Day Giveaway! 2015 Day 3

*** Weather Update*** Well, Mother Nature has finally blessed California with some MUCH needed rain and in Yosemite SNOW!! So, rather than take the chance of getting snowed in (with a 3 year-old!?! Nooooo) we are now changing our camping plans. Dana Point’s Doheny State Beach here we come!!  I’m confident that I can still find Souvenirs! I WILL find something!! And no, it won’t be a rock. I promise!

Are you tired of this reminder yet?? If you are new ……. WELCOME……. let me recap…………. : )

The first of May came around and while I was excited about my upcoming camping trip to Yosemite, I was stressed about my blog. I started wracking my brain on how to keep y’all coming here everyday without me constantly reminding you! Here is what I came up with………

Again, it’s not a big giveaway, BUT, everyday while I am camping a new giveaway will start. These are short giveaways with only 4 entries each. The prize is a souvenir from Yosemite. Each prize will be under $10.00. Maybe a magnet, key ring or ???? Each one will be different and from Yosemite National Park.

Worth every step!!
Good Luck!! And truly, THANK YOU for visiting!!

If you collect souvenir pennies, spoons, patches, pencils or magnets be sure to let me know and I’ll be sure to send you that item if you win.

Thank you again!! Now, you go enter……… and we are all going to pretend that I’m not going INSANE being unplugged for a week. A WEEK!!! In Internet days this is like MONTHS!!!

Okay, on to the giveaway!


  • Laura

    I have always wanted to live on a bunch of acres in the country. If I did, I would bring my husband and the pets, of course 🙂

  • Christine Beasley

    I think I would live where I am. But I would spend time in Norway, Alaska and on the Olympic Peninsula.

  • Stacy

    I would love to live on an island or along the coast of somewhere in the Mediterranean. I would be happy in any country, although with my family being from Italy I would love to live there, although my husband would prefer Spain. I would live there with my husband. As long as I am near the water for swimming, boating, and snorkeling (although most of the places we snorkeled were not very excited, especially compared to the Caribbean and South America) I would be happy.

  • Alesha Ol

    I would live in HA where it is warm, beachy, can have lobster, shrimp to my content, oh yeah my fave coconut, would bring Jesus, and my future grandkids to spoil

  • Karen R

    I would live in West Yellowstone, Montana. My husband and I stay there on vacation when we visit Yellowstone. It’s a quaint town and the scenery is great. I’d take my husband.

  • Sarah L

    I love living in Colorado so I’d stay here. I would buy a house all on one level that’s wheelchair accessible and invite my best friend to live with me.

  • Tamra Phelps

    If money were no object, I’d live in the Greek isles. I’ve always wanted to see Greece. I love the photos of the blue Aegean Sea contrasted with the white buildings of the Greek architecture.

  • Kristen

    I’d have a house in Hawaii, one in San Francisco & one in Maine…my family & I would live in each of them during different seasons.

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