2015 Souvenir A Day Giveaway!! Day 2

*** Weather Update*** Well, Mother Nature has finally blessed California with some MUCH needed rain and in Yosemite SNOW!! So, rather than take the chance of getting snowed in (with a 3 year-old!?! Nooooo) we are now changing our camping plans. Dana Point’s Doheny State Beach here we come!!  I’m confident that I can still find Souvenirs! I WILL find something!! And no, it won’t be a rock. I promise!

Just in case this is your first visit here, let me recap………… OH and WELCOME!!!!

This is year two of my Souvenir Week. Last year when the first of May came around and while I was excited about my upcoming camping trip to Yosemite, I was stressed about my blog. I started wracking my brain on how to keep y’all coming here everyday without me constantly reminding you! Here is what I came up with……… A Souvenir Giveaway!

Again, it’s not a big giveaway, BUT, everyday while I am camping a new giveaway will start. These are short giveaways with only 5 entries each. The prize is a souvenir from Yosemite. Each prize will be under $10.00. Maybe a magnet, key ring or ???? Each one will be different and from Yosemite National Park.

Good Luck!! And truly, THANK YOU for visiting!!

If you collect souvenir pennies, spoons, patches, pencils or magnets be sure to let me know and I’ll be sure to send you that item if you win.

Thank you again!! Now, you go enter……… and we are all going to pretend that I’m not going INSANE being unplugged for a week. A WEEK!!! In Internet days this is like MONTHS!!!

Okay, on to the giveaway!


  • Christine Beasley

    When I smell fresh sawdust I automatically reminded of my father who worked in a plywood mill and had a home shop in the garage. He used to occasionally take us through the mill. One of the last times was to see the last giant trunk log (over 6 feet in diameter) to come thru the mill. It makes you stop and think, to consider how long that tree lived to grow that big…

  • Raine

    When I smell diesel exhaust in the winter I’m reminded of ski club every year in middle and high school. It was the highlight of my year, the 45 minute ride to the mountain and unloading & loading our gear in the parking lot full of buses always had that smell. It’s sickening in the summer but oddly different in the cold and it takes me right back 20+ years.

  • Leela

    Complete this sentence. When I smell pasta sauce I automatically am reminded of my parents. I love fresh tomato sauce.

  • Tara Short

    When I smell Red Door perfume, I automatically am reminded of my mother. That was one of her favorite scents to wear. It’s strange to be out in public and have someone walk past who is wearing that or White Diamonds. It’s a weird mix of comfort and sadness.

  • Stacy

    When I smell spaghetti sauce I automatically am reminded of Sunday gravy with my family. Growing up, we always had gravy on Sundays and we always had to be home at 1 PM to have dinner. It is a tradition that my husband and I try to continue, but it comes in spurts. BTW, I LOVE postcards. I love to send them and I love to receive them! I have a list of about 20 people that I regularly send to when I travel, but unfortunately most of my friends and family do not get to travel as much as I do and I never get any postcards.

  • Judy maharrey

    When i smell bacon, I am automatically reminded of my first pregnancy! I could not stand the smell then, and even though I love bacon, smelling it cooking will still make me a little sick!

  • Vicki Wurgler

    When I smell a lilac bush I automatically am reminded of my Grandparent’s house. she had a row of them along side of their house-smelled so good

  • sandra davis

    When I smell roses. I am automatically reminded of my sweet Mother. She loved growing roses and I miss her everyday.

  • Laura

    When I smell freshly cut grass, I automatically am reminded of summer. I love summer because I like the warm weather!

  • Tamra Phelps

    When I smell DOVE soap I automatically am reminded of my Grandparent’s house. My Grandma used that soap & you could smell it any time you got near their bathroom.

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