SpareOne Emergency Cell Phones!

In light of the heart breaking natural disaster/ Tornadoes that have caught the Midwest off guard in the past several weeks….this is the perfect time for this review.  

I received a SpareOne emergency cell phone for my emergency kit.  Living in Southern California my earthquake kit is very well stocked. I truly thought I had everything I could possibly need.  WRONG!! NOW! I have everything I need.  

SpareOne comes in a waterproof bag. A bag you can TALK through! Wait till you see the list of perks this amazing phone has!! Including this phone will hold it’s charge for 15 YEARS!! 24 hours of LED Torch light!!  This is an amazing phone!!

Even MORE Amazing??  Use code BUYGIVE13 to receive $20 off the phone.  Buy one, Give One”- Every phone purchased with your exclusive code will also result in a donation of one to a shelter/neighborhood of affected victims.

Simple. But with all the features you need for a spare phone. 

Freed from the need of power outlets, you can use the amazing AA battery-powered SpareOne anywhere within range of a GSM cell tower.
Even without a SIM card, SpareOne has one-button emergency dialing (911, etc.), and can be geo-located in an emergency.

FeatureWaterproof bag is floatable and submersible, with talk-through containment and extreme temperature operation, provides you a communication lifeline when all else is potentially destroyed.

Up to 10 hours* of talk time means you have plenty of connectivity hours to last you your whole trip on one battery.

Keeps its charge for up to 15 years* SpareOne can hold its charge, if unused, for up to 15 years*. Battery included.

Extreme weather operating range (-22F to 140F) is far greater than that of a smartphone..

One-touch, large emergengy services button is ideal for daily emergency and medical situations, no SIM required.

Easily pre-program 9 important numbers and document on menu sticker provided.

LED Torchlight on top providing up to 24 hours of continuous light makes this phone several tools in one.

Auto text reply means that if anyone sends you a text, SpareOne will reply with an automatic text response informing them that you cannot read text messages and can be reached via phone calls instead.
SpareOne is a MUST have for your emergency kit. I feel better knowing it’s in mine!! 

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.

4 thoughts on “SpareOne Emergency Cell Phones!

  1. That sure is something to have in an emergency kit! So glad that you have it and are now prepared!

    1. It’s an excellent addition. I just read an info-graphic about being ready for doomsday. I though I had a great emergency kit… National Geographic says to have 400 pounds of rice. Ummmmmm where am I going to store 400 pounds of rice?!?!?

  2. Wow! That is awesome! Wonder if I can get it here in the sticks! I will have to check on this. Thanks for the information. Didn’t even know these existed.

    1. From what I understand these use all the cell phone towers so I think you would get a signal. I had no idea they existed either. Glad I have one though! Now to get one in each of my kids’ homes.

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