Sprout Baby & Toddler Food Review

Sprouts Organic Baby Food 1

Alice LOVES Sprouts Baby & Toddler Food 2I love Klout!!  I really love my Klout Perks!!  This review is about Sprout Organic Baby Food…… soooooo actually, this time Baby Alice LOVE’S my Klout Perks!! Alice LOVES Sprouts Baby & Toddler Food

Alice LOVES Sprouts Baby & Toddler Food 3

Alice had to read what was included in her Sprout pack. She approves!!

Alice gobbled these up like I do candy!!  YUM!!

Alice loved each flavor.
I loved how easy Sprout Organic Baby Food is too feed to Alice.

I REALLY REALLY loved the clean up!!  There isn’t ANY!!!  No spills, no mess…. throw away the package when she’s done.
NaNa that was so GOOD!!Alice LOVES Sprouts Baby & Toddler Food 4

So portable! Drop it in the diaper bag and go.

Alice LOVES Sprouts Baby & Toddler Food 5Alice loves Sprouts Organic Baby Food 1

Alice sucked them dry!! Each and every single flavor!!  You know I’m nosy enough, that I had to know what they tasted like and ya’ know what??  I would eat these!  The Blueberry Superfood is like a smoothie in a pouch!! (yes, there was almost a fight over that one…. but, she cheated and did that big smile…and got the whole Blueberry Superfood pouch!!) The Pear, Kiwi and Spinach was Alice’s favorite.  Tasted like Pears and Kiwi.
All the Sprouts packets are full of flavor and a great mix of different foods.  Sweet Potato & White Bean. Carrot, Sweet Potato and Brown Rice. Not your bland baby foods anymore!! Sprout founder Tyler Florence used his experience as a chef and a father to create flavorful recipes with wholesome ingredients which encourages a love of healthy foods from the start.
Veggie only recipes, fruit & grain blends, fruit & veggie blends, veggie and meat…… seriously so many blends!! I’m anxious to try Acai Berry SuperFruit.  I mean… Alice is anxious…. honest … that’s what I meant!! 
Alice gives them 2 thumbs way UP!!
I love the taste, convenience and the fact the Sprout packets are designed for stages of your baby from starting solids all the way to Toddler foods. Sprout gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from NaNa too!
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