Statement Jewelery And Why You Should Feel Confident With It

We see it so often, looks on the red carpet that celebrities rock. It isn’t just celebrities but people in magazines and on the runway are sporting these looks. Perhaps they go for a crazy outfit and a huge statement necklace or maybe keep their dress low key but opt for a large chunky necklace or ring. These are quite timeless looks and have been hitting the red carpet and the runway for sometime now. It is a great way to really show off the details of a large statement necklace and after some of the shows at London fashion week this year it looks as though this trend is not going to die anytime soon. With huge headpieces and massive earrings being the big hit at some shows. If you’re unsure how to wear statement pieces then read on for some quick tips to make you feel confident in those extreme but fabulous jewelry pieces! It makes for a bit of chit chat with people and it is a nice ice breaker if someone tells you how nice your outfit is!
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Piercings – make them work for you! 

We all know how great piercings can look but perhaps you have wanted to get a nose or a tongue ring and have felt that you just would not suit it. It’s time to change that mentality! With multiple styles of nose ring hoops, you can surely find a style that suits your face and style, even if you are a piercing novice. These types of looks are bold and create a great statement so don’t be afraid of doing something that you love! Earrings always enhance your face but if you’re wanting to try some statement earrings then showing them off properly is key. Keep your hair completely or at least half up, which will really purposefully show off the earrings and then you also don’t have to worry about your hair catching in it as that is always a worry if you have long hair and dangly earrings!  

Necklaces and bracelets – style them up!  

Necklaces are fun to play around with because people tend to remember those memorable outfits and jewelry you wore especially if it is a little more daring than you’re used to! Try going for the simple but effective way. Wear plain shirts or t-shirts, no pattern and plain monochrome colors. This is what will really make the necklace pop without you feeling too overdressed! Wearing a big necklace also really enhances strapless dresses and can take away the block of skin which can make you feel a little exposed. It would also look gorgeous in summer when we tend to wear more strapless outfits. 

Statement bracelets make a great addition to any outfit and it’s time to start getting fashionable! Of course they had their time in the 80s but it doesn’t mean you can’t still sport a chunky bracelet. Keep it gold and classic to add a little style to a plain suit. Wear three quarter length sleeves so you can really see the bracelet well. It’s time to start the rest of 2020 as you mean to go on. Love who you are, even if those around you don’t appreciate; it’s time to be beautiful.


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