Steel Book Diversion Safe Product Review

Everyone has things they want to protect from intruders, thieves. Sometimes even friends of your family; it’s sad but true. What if you could hide your valuables in plain sight?! Note to bad guys; nothing here to see… go away.
This is a steel dictionary safe.

When thieves break in they don’t usually look at your bookshelf; this Steel Book Diversion Safe looks like a real dictionary, the sides look exactly like a book. All the way down to the uneven, not perfectly cut edges. Like my real dictionary! The marbled cotton texture of the cover just adds to the over all look. But, the interior is what makes this safe perfect. There is a solid steel LOCKED compartment.

Inside I can put so much!! Cash, my Passport, my journal, prescriptions and of course jewelry. This safe truly holds a LOT of stuff!! The lock keeps everyone out. Even family members that know it’s a safe.
The outside of the book/safe feels like a book, the pages are plastic but look just like paper pages but inside is a hidden solid steel locked compartment. It comes with two keys so you always have a spare. Even if someone finds it, they can’t get into it.

Everyone that has looked at and even picked up this dictionary has thought it was a real book!! DH even said “why’d you get a dictionary?”  Because it’s COOL!! It’s also NOT a dictionary!

Each safe comes with two keys. I keep one hidden away and one on my key chain.


Not a single one. My valuables are in plain sight in my dictionary safe. This dictionary safe is solidly constructed; weighing in at a full pound. The safe is 4.8″ by 2.2″ by 7.2″

This safe is the perfect size for any bookshelf.




    Great idea! I have a small very old Victorian photo album where the centre of each page is cut out so as to display your precious snaps so essentially it’s got a hollow heart! It’s leather & gilt bound & looks good on my bookshelves but instead of photos I keep my gold rings & other treasures in it! Shhh! Don’t tell a soul!

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