Stereo Sound In A TINY Package!! #ESEDYN

Y’all know that I am obsessed with (wait for it…….) everything. Right? I know…. I really am obsessed with several things. Purses? Check. Makeup? Check. Clothes? Check. Family Photos? Check!! CHECK! CHECK!! Electronics? DOUBLE CHECK squared!!  (Look at me with all my fancy math talk!)

A while back I told you how blown away I was with my tiny little projector. Well, guess who has a tiny little speaker to go with my projector?! Ya BABY! It’s ME!!

Check this out! ESEDYN has the smallest, cleanest sounding speaker I’ve ever owned.
Tiny speaker

The speaker is 2″ (yup 2 inches) tall. The button on the bottom turns the speaker on and off everything else is controlled with your phone or device. Which by the way works absolutely perfect with my iPad mini, YOGA Laptop and Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. I am so happy! Then I got to thinking since the ESEDYN arrives with an auxiliary headphone cable it may just work with my iPod Shuffle. BING BADDA BOOM! Now I can hear all the songs stored on my shuffle too!! Now I am really giddy with my speaker.
Small speaker

Not only can I listen to music I can use the speaker as a mic for hands free calling.

The case is beautiful. A matte black with a slender silver accent ring. The speaker is made of strong aluminum but also means its super lightweight at only 2.6 OUNCES. A slim LED light shows red/blue while paring and then blue to show the speaker is on, red light for charging.

Battery life is amazing too! Charge the speaker for an hour an a half and get 10 HOURS of music! SWEET!!

Now all of that doesn’t mean anything because, really a cute speaker is just a paper-weight if it doesn’t produce great sound. I am thoroughly pleased with the crisp, clean sound this speaker produces. Now, I am sure that my bass loving son might prefer more ‘shake the floor’ base but to me personally this is amazing sound!! I am giddy!!


Not a single whine. The speaker is so small. The sound is perfect! Long lasting battery. Works perfectly with my tiny projector What more could I wish for?? Nada! That’s what!



  • Terri S.

    I’m really surprised that such great sound comes out of this tiny 2″ speaker. I would use it with my iPad Mini.

  • michele

    I am no techie but this I understand and it is awesome.. small, handy and I could use it with my ipad and phone.. this is for me…..

  • Rosie

    This is so nice, and I can see why there are no whines whatsoever! My only concern is it is so small I’d probably lose it!!! I think there is a bermuda triangle in my place, if I drop something small I never find it… ?!!! If it is smaller than a breadbox I’m leary….. but that is not a good whine to not get one!

  • CJ

    Oh this looks like one sweet device! I love this kind of tech, and making hand free calls is something I am always looking for… Thanks for this! 🙂

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