STUNNING Hand-blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder

OhhhhhMMMGeeee, I am seriously OVER the moon excited about my new HAND BLOWN GLASS hummingbird feeder from ShinyArt, 

This is by far the prettiest hummingbird feeder I have ever seen.

Even walking through the specialty stores I haven’t spotted anything this pretty! UNDER $25 right now. I am so excited about this beautiful  feeder. I am anxious as all get out for my deck to get finished because this feeder will be the first thing I put up!!

Something to love about this feeder is that the pigment is embedded in two layers of glass so it won’t fade!! My humming bird feeder will be as beautiful as it is today for years and years!!!

Hand blown glass, weighing in about about 2.25 pounds!!  There are 4 feeding ports each with a little perch for the birds. There is even a recipe to make your own food (yeah! No dies!! See? Sarah, I remember!!) included in the box.

The feeder holds 36 ounces of nectar.

This feeder arrives with everything you need to hang this beauty from a tree, rafter or pole.

S hook, hanging ant moat hook, twine, cleaning cloth and a small brush to clean the feeding petal openings.

The hummingbird feeder is heavy (duh! It is hand blown glass!) The colors in the glass are amazing.

Not a fan of the blue?? It’s okay there are several other color options. Blue, red, green and some even have hummingbirds painted on them.

This will definitely attract the hummingbirds to our yard and patio.  The second I get this installed on the deck I am moving a trail cam so I can see if I can get some hummingbird pictures.

This would make an amazing gift for nature lovers.

The feeder is slightly over 10.5″ and about 6.4″ around.  It weighs, 2.25 pounds. It’s PERFECT!!!!!!!!!



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