Summer Activites For Kids! S.T.E.M Education Activites

I’ve been looking for a way to reinforce all of the S.T.E.M education that Alice learned in school this year into our summer activities. When I was approached by TOMO to review a 2-in1 robot I was giddy!!

S.T.E.M Robot for kids

S.T.E.M education is truly the wave of the future. An acronym for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. So I’m right when I say this is the future for our children.

Now, to incorporate this into our summer it needs to be fun. Seriously, even I don’t want to work now!! It’s SUMMER VACATION people!!

Alice and I would like to introduce you to Bob! A 2-in-1 Transformable DIY Programmable Robot from Tenergy. 

Alice and I enlisted the help of PopPop to build our Robot. Alice immediately christened the robot as Bob!!

The instructions are easy to follow and clearly written. There are two options to build Bob (obviously with the 2-in-1 name right!) You can either build Bob (aka TOMO) as a tricycle or a self-balancing 2-wheeled dicycle.
2-in-1 S.T.E.M robot kit

Download the program with either your smartphones or tablet. Then you can even share your command sequence with others or just build your own programs to run the robot. You can control where the robot goes with the program as well.

There are 2 FREE apps available for young learners to interact and play with Tomo. ODEV Explorer is an easy-to-use app with options to control and play with Tomo. You can also share finished programs with other players in the cloud storage. ODEV Blockly is an app based on Google’s open source library Blockly and allows beginners to learn graphical programming.

Even though we’ve had Bob for awhile we are still learning and expanding our programming capabilities everyday. We are having a GREAT time with Bob.

Bob is sturdy. He has been dropped. He has run into walls and he is still going strong!!


This has been a wonderful experience. From the PopPop and Alice bonding time putting the robot together to the NaNa and Alice time making the robot run around the house and garage.

What a great fun, LEARNING project. The kind we love best!! Learning when you think you are only having fun!!



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