Goodbye Kindergarden! Now What?!

Well, it’s official Alice is out of school for the summer. ACKKKK!! I’ve been very spoiled by my schedule. My daughter Selena works 4-12 hour days. I drop Alice off to school run back to their house and work on the blog for 4 hours. Then when I get home around 7PM I’m not pressured to work.

Behind the popsicle says HELLO 1st Grade! (I adore my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine!)

Now what?! What do I mean?  Well, 100% my very own doing here…….. but Alice is use to this NaNa being on the floor playing with Barbie dolls, building with LEGOS, playing with  My Mini MixieQ’s with her.

My MixieQ's

My favorite to play with are the My Mini MixieQ’s; which if you aren’t familiar with are these super tiny little dolls that have interchangeable hair and clothing. Alice is addicted to these things.

Then it’s off to the bBarbie Houseedroom to the Barbie House that Uncle Zac built. Where we change clothes basically to go to the upstairs rooms in the house!!  Seriously, I want as many clothes and shoes as Barbie has! AND purses!! Please purses!! Of course the body…. could I? Without the work though. PLEASE?

Then we build LEGOS! I have to admit, LEGO does an awesome job with step by step instructions to help kids build the creations.  Alice is only 6 and can build these LEGO Friends cities with very little help!

So, basically I’m letting you know to expect to see a LOT of posts which will incorporate me trying to work AND keep Alice occupied AND keep her brain whirling and twirling so that First Grade is as easy to breeze throuCricut Tshirt Last Day OF Kindergartengh as Kindergarten was!

By the way, the back of the t-shirt I made with my handy-dandy Cricut Machine I added Goodbye Kindergarten! Of course in bright pink glitter sparkle vinyl!

We started our summer with fort building!! Pillows and blankets and of course a light to see with. A unique light at that! Check out WeWill LED Unicorn.

Personally, I can’t decide if this Wewill LED luminous Stuffed Animals Unicorn with Heavenly White Plush, 12-Inch unicorn is unfortunate looking or just too cute. I do know that the pictures don’t do this unicorn justice. Of course, no matter what I THINK the 6-year-old fell in love the minute that this stuffed animal was in her hands. With shiny pink paws and super soft body she was hugging and squeezing “Sparkles” This unicorn sleeps with her at night and goes on car rides as well. So far the batteries last a long time. We are still on our first set for over 2 weeks now) and “Sparkles” is on daily!!
When you push the unicorns paw the toy lights up to different colors.

The unicorn requires two AA batteries (not included) I love that the battery container requires a screwdriver to open.
Soft, cuddly, no loose parts, nothing that a small child could pull off and swallow. The batteries are in the back and close with a Velcro tab. This is a very unique, cuddly gift for all Unicorn lovers. Not to mention it gave me additional writing time while Alice went and had a tea-party with all of her little animals. You know introductions must be made when you bring a new friend home!!

So? How is YOUR summer going so far?!? Need a play date? I’ll bring Alice right over!! Except you Sarah! It might take me a few minutes……..



  • Tamra Phelps

    I can’t believe how much learning goes into kindergarten these days. My niece & nephews were doing what I thought of as 2nd grade stuff in kindergarten, lol. In my day (the early 70s) kindergarten was just meant to teach you how to sit in a chair & not talk for a few hours!

  • michele

    Nothing made my mom happier than when my children were out of school for the summer….my son left the city for the shore and swam and enjoyed the beach all summer long.. my daughter got to spend all day with my mom coloring and paper dolls and of cousre trips to the beach….God bless my mom and summer!!

  • CJ

    Reading this post reminded me of my own grandma… She would get down on the floor and play with me all day. LOL. Aaaah the wonders of childhood and when school is out for summer! 😀

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