Summer TIME!! Reef Sandals!

It’s funny, when I was in my teens, I was either barefoot or wearing sandals. Even in winter! Even in Colorado!! My Grandmother use to ask me “When you get married, are you going to be wearing jeans and sandals under your dress? Or will you be BAREFOOT?!?!” I laughed so hard on my wedding day when she lifted up my dress and checked!! I wish I would have had jeans rolled up under there!

Then later, when I started working, I mostly wore high heels. Course, the second I was off the clock, I was immediately barefoot or wearing sandals again. I still carry at least two pair of sandals in my car all the time.

Now that I don’t have a job, I’m a sandal gal!! I’ve learned that bare feet is just not easy on a pedicure! Pedicures are not cheap!! So, I spent the day shopping on-line for sandals. I want comfort like being barefoot. I also need a little cushion on the heel, because I’m on my feet a lot chasing Alice around. I’m also a girly girl, so I want CUTE sandals too!!

I know, I am a picky girl. I’m even a little picker, still! I want a pair that I can wear for more than just one summer. I want some arch support too, since I’m making a list. As you can tell, the dollar store flip flops will NOT do!!

So, I found this site called Reef. They have so many perfect sandals!!! Now I have a ton in my shopping cart and I can’t decide which pair. So Ladies (and guys, if you are reading) which pair is cuter? I am leaning toward the Reef Sandy Love pair, but I’m really loving the Zen too.

I really can’t choose which pair I like the best. I’m lovin’ the color selection of all the different Reef sandals and shoes. So many styles too. The entire site has great reviews too!

What about you? Are you a sandal person? Barefoot? Sneakers? What is your ‘go to footwear’?


  • jayne

    I like sandals if it’s not cold and rainy. 🙂 These ones look comfortable too…thanks for the information on them.

  • Shannon

    I rarely ever wear shoes and hate them. I only wear shoes when I go the store, out, etc. Around the house, no shoes and no socks. These sound like great flips. I also love flips. Almost like not wearing shoes. Other than flips, I love sneakers. Like crazy love Converse, Vans, Etnies, shoes like that.

  • Lisa Kerr

    I was exactly like you when it came to either being barefoot or in sandals/flip flops as a child! I’m guilty of being the same way today & I’m 46 now! LOL! I love all Reef’s footwear, I’m going shopping for a couple of pairs this week!

  • Sarah L

    Barefoot whenever possible. Crocs when I have to wear shoes. I’m looking forward to wearing my new Reebok Skyscapes when they get here for when I need an all-day walking shoe.
    I like the Reef for you.

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