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Sunday Prayer Group Post Your Needs, Even Unspoken

Happy Sunday little Peanuts!! I believe that our Sunday Prayer Group will be around for quite a while. Along with my friend Sonya over at Sonya’s Happenings. (Seriously, Sonya site is GREAT!! She always has so many coupon deals and giveaways going on! So, please go check her site!)

This weekly post isn’t really a religious post. It’s sending good thoughts, healing thoughts and prayers too. So, you don’t have to be a religious person to send good thoughts into the universe for your fellow Peanuts.

I’m not a real religious person. I was raised Catholic. However, I haven’t been to church in years. I do believe in the higher power of God. I do say my prayers at night. I do believe in the power of prayer. I don’t think prayers need to be formal I think you can just TALK to God. I really don’t think there is a wrong way to pray.

Sending good thoughts out into the universe for someone that is in pain, sad or just needs some peace in their life.

So many of us Peanuts could use a prayer said for them. Anytime you need it just stop by and request a prayer to be said in your name. You don’t have to say why. A simple “I could use some good thoughts this week” would be fine. If you want to elaborate feel free.

Anytime during the week you want to come and post feel free.

The power of this group has already helped me SO VERY much!!  Last week I asked for prayers to heal what ever happened between my son and my daughter. THEY TALKED! They LAUGHED! They mocked me a little for my nagging but once again Best Friends FOREVER!!! I am thankful for the Peanuts that sent out all the prayers and the good thoughts.  MY PEANUTS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!

Now your turn……

Don’t forget to read the comments please. Say quick prayer for each request. Come back anytime during the week!

Be sure to head over to Sonya’s Happenings

Have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    I have a praise report for tonight. My brother had a total knee replacement and he came through just fine. He is in a great deal of pain tonight but I am so grateful he is going to be great. He had the bones deteriorating and some fragments of bone foating around in there. Because of his sleep apena he had to spend the night there. I am glad he had to stay as my sister in law could use one good night of sleep. She will have her hands full when he gets home. God is good!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I think Kate is right. Sometimes, knowing you’re not fighting this fight alone is enough to make you get back up. Diane, hold onto the idea that as long as you keep climbing out of that hole, you win! People are rooting for you. No one is rooting for the hole!

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    It is really harder somedays more than others. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but there are days I feel like a clown. Clowns when I was a kid weren’t bad like they make them out to be today. They painted a smile on their face while if you looked close enough you could see a small tear just below the corner of one eye. They paint a smile on their face as to cover up the sadness in their life. Always making you laugh so that you don’t really know what is going on in their life. I often think of Robin Williams, I can relate to his sadness. Even religious people can be sad! I could use prayer as just about the time I seem to climb out of the big whole, something comes along and throws more dirt upon me. God bless everyone of you for being here. There is a reason for this post to come along when just when it was needed.

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